On Line Purchases

  mbp 19:37 07 Jun 2005

After making an on line purchase, with a new firm that I have not dealt with before, and I get a nervous feeling. What can I do? I used Master Card. How can I verify the standing of the firm? And can I stop the transaction by informing Mastercard and How?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:29 07 Jun 2005

If they are fraudulent your CC company will refund you. You can return the goods (at your expense) for a refund or you could try to cancel by using the dog and bone. 'Nervous feelings' do not usually qualify for halting payments which have probably already been taken.


  SEASHANTY 20:33 07 Jun 2005

Some shopping comparison websites hold feedback on the retailers listed on their websites. One such is Pricerunner.co.uk. Being as you gave little info in your posting you will probably not get much feedback.

  mbp 20:46 07 Jun 2005

I have been doing a bit of research since I posted this. The reason I got nervous was because I could not log in to "My Account" on their web site after purchasing with my Master Card to check on the details. It is possible that their automatic data registration was a bit slow, because the company has a good reputation. It is" choiceforyou.co.uk " which is part of the "Shop Direct Group Limited." Manchester. I feel a bit better now.

Lesson: research before, and not after your purchase. It is much easier on the nerves.

  mbp 21:27 09 Jun 2005

The goods arrived 4 days later in unopened Factory sealed packing. Very well packed. Goods in excellent condition, and I even received my 20% discount on my first purchase. I thought that anyone reading this should know that "choiceforyou.co.uk" is 100% OK. IMHO

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