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On Line Banking Session Time Outs

  morddwyd 10:33 10 Dec 2016

I am having a lot of trouble with my on line banking sessions timing out before I have finished my transactions. I have just had another time out while I was actually typing a reply to a secure message they sent me!

I have complained to the bank, of course but they say it as an industry set standard which they cannot alter.

Anybody got the address I should write to for the industry?

I can understand the security reason for logging off an inactive user but the timer shouldn't start until the last key stroke.

  Bazzaman 15:48 11 Dec 2016

As Burn-it says "The session cannot tell whether you are typing a reply or have left your machine!".

So if the bank's timeout is set to, say, 10 minutes and it takes you more than 10 minutes to type your reply, then the timeout will likely kick-in.

A workaround?

Right-click the tab in your browser and select "Duplicate" or its equivalent (depending on your browser. You should then have two tabs sitting at the same point in the site.

Start typing in one of the tabs and every few minutes flip to the other tab and move around the site in some way. Then flip back to the tab where you were typing and continue typing. Do the flip back and forth (and move around the site) as many times as necessary to allow you to complete your typing.

Another alternative is to compose your wording in another application (e.g. Notepad) before logging in to the bank site and then copy / paste the wording in to the bank's site (if it will allow).

  morddwyd 18:56 11 Dec 2016

Thank you. When dealing with this sort of situation I normally type a draft in Word. However, although I quoted a text box as the most recent example, I also said it happens when completing normal transactions. It is also much less than 10 minutes, probably as little as two minutes or less!

It should not be beyond the capability of a half decent IT section to deal with this situation, which is an accessibility one because of disability. That is another path I may yet go down!

  wee eddie 20:28 11 Dec 2016

There is a solution.

When you are Logging in > Look for a statement relating to Timed Log Outs. > Each bank has a slightly different format > In essence, by ticking a box, the 10 minute Log Out can be disabled. While 10 minutes is, as far as I know, not a rule, it is commonplace across most of the UK Banks. Beware, if you have disabled the Auto Log Out. You MUST remember to Log Out when you exit your account

The automatic Log Out is there to reduce the risk of a third party accessing your account if you have failed to log out

  morddwyd 07:47 12 Dec 2016

I'm afraid my bank has none of these options, and has already advised me that the log off delay cannot be altered as it is an "industry standard".

Hence my need to initiate a formal complaint procedure.

  natdoor 10:12 12 Dec 2016

I suppose you could change bank and benefit from a cash award for doing so.

  morddwyd 19:18 12 Dec 2016

I have thought of that, but free banking and interest free overdraft for twenty odd years is a great incentive to stay!

  morddwyd 09:04 18 Feb 2017


I have, at long last, received an answer from my bank. It appears that my difficulties ate caused by a clogged up computer, and I should clear cache, login details, cookies and browser history (from my whole browser, not just the bank site!). Yeah, right.

I have told them this is nonsense and asked for an impasse letter so that I can escalate it.

Regulator next stop!

  alanrwood 15:59 18 Feb 2017

I would exhaust the bank's suggestions first or you will look foolish if they are correct. A corrupt cache can cause all sorts of strange problems which may seem unrelated.

  morddwyd 19:32 18 Feb 2017

"A corrupt cache can cause all sorts of strange problems"

Only one strange problem, and only one page of one website, and always after the same amount of time!

Regular use of Ccleaner normally takes care of any corruption.

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