lindows 4.0 anyone tried it yet?

  timboss 09:26 14 Jul 2003

I have just downloaded Lindows 4.0 as an iso file, took 3 hours and ended up at about 453MB.
It cost me £31 to download and can be copied for my family to share...(how big is my family?)
Nero created an install cd from the iso file but I don't want to be the first to try, fail and write about the dorky things I did wrong.
I was never good with text adventure games and I suspect installing lindows 4 may be a similar kind of experience.
Is there anyone out there that is familiar with Linux that has tried Lindows 4.0 ?

Try and be positive we all want to take a swipe at M
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  jazzypop 19:20 14 Jul 2003

Can't say I've tried it (don't see the need or the point, but that is my situation, not yours) - but you might find this article helpful - click here

From previous discussions, I know that other forum members have tried various versions. If you don't get a reply today, just refresh the thread tomorrow.

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 00:15 15 Jul 2003

No I have never tried Lindows, It should be a really easy thing to set up, Its supposed to make life easier for the user, And almost like windows, It is in fact called lindows because its linux with the ease of windows, The best thing to do is stick the disk in and see what occurs. Just be careful when it comes to making hard drive partitions and the like. One click and it could be cya windows. Usually /dev/hda1 will be your windows partition, If its anything like Mandrake which I suspect it will be you will be greeted with a nice graphical interface and not a horrible text based installation menu. Good luck and have fun.

  rawknroll 01:17 15 Jul 2003

i tried lindows 3 and had no issues with it, cept it dont play nice under LILO, which mandrake uses, but if its ur only linux thats not a problem, the install is a breeze, with good Hardware detection etc, so u should have no probs, however, i would def go for mandrake or redhat 9, much more power, same ease of use. Get them FREE at click here not warez, but legal free downloads.

  Tesman 16:08 15 Jul 2003

£31?? Sounds a lot to me, especially when you can download Debian (which is what Lindows is based on) for free. As rawknroll says, Mandrake is a lot more powerful and flexible, and is a breeze to install. As I don't have broadband, I bought the full set of five cds from here

click here

for a very reasonable £12.99.

  timboss 16:26 15 Jul 2003

thanks tesman
I will go for one of these as well as the books I am sure will be useful.
The £31 also includes a 3 month membership to click and run and support, cheap if it works.

  dth 11:18 17 Jul 2003

I must agree with the posters - you would be better off buying a CD installation set (that includes a good guide book) from any of the distros mentioned. I would also include Suse in the list.

The KDE desktop is easy on the eye and easy to use - with most hardware automatically set up. The main area of difficulty can be with modems - as many of the inbuilt specially designed for windows modems (winmodems) won't work with Linux.

I haven't used Lindows myself but readng through the blurb it seems to be just a cut down version of Linux. The click and run thingy is a bit of a con - as all of the standard Linux distributions will include a full range of software for nearly every task. For example Win XP includes the o/s plus a small range of extras and you would need to buy an office software package etc etc. But with a Linux distrubtion this would be included as part of the package - together with a range of graphic programs, cd burning etc

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