Limited budget for high end PC for digital photography editing

  AdeyG 13:42 09 Aug 2013

Hi, need some advice for a high end spec desktop pc for heavy duty digital photography editing. File size from D800 camera can be above 36mb each and I am now finding my 4 year old laptop is not coping with editing in Lightroom 4. Looking to spend around £500 but at a push £800 for new machine. Appreciate advice on spec to go for and costs.

  john bunyan 16:51 09 Aug 2013

See here for Adobe Photoshop minimum requirements:

Adobe computer

In fact a higher spec is better, with as much RAM as you can afford. I only have 4 gig RAM - would like a bit more for when a number of photos are open. Also I prefer 2 hard discs, one can be designated as a scratch disc (can be used for other things too). If you are lucky hssutton will contribute to the thread as a Photoshop guru!.

  AdeyG 10:28 10 Aug 2013

Cheers John my I5 laptop which has 4gb of ram is now struggling, opens files but struggling to do any editing. Looking at spec with a separate sdd would you use this drive as a scratch disk or install software on this drive?

  hssutton 11:46 10 Aug 2013

Lightroom 4 has always been a problem running slow, no doubt you've updated to 4.4? You may find some advice here if you don't mind reading in a Canon forum :) Lightroom 4

Since my newish rebuild I don't find it to be to much of a problem. I'm running W7 64bit CPU 15 quad core 3GHz with 16gb ram. My 'C' drive is a 500Gb sata 111 with two SSDs used as scratch disks. However as you don't mention Photoshop a scratch disk will not so important. I found Photoshop CS6 to be dreadfully slow when processing large files (in excess of 100MBs Tiffs) Using SSDs as scratch disks cured my problem.

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