Lifetime Warranty

  Lead 08:56 10 Aug 2004

I understand any manufacturer's warranty is in addition to your statutory rights under the SoGA and that any claims should be directed to the place you purchased the product; however, when the product carries a lifetime warranty, is it reasonable to have to direct any warranty claims direct to the manufacturer? Or is it still the retailers responsibility?

The reason I ask is I have a USB Memory Stick that has given up the ghost. It is about 20 months old and Ebuyer will not give me an RMA as it is outside of 'their' 12 month warranty.

It is a generic USB pen, and now differs to the one shown on their website with the same product code. I have managed to track the manufacturer down to Taiwan (on the web). So it looks like I would have to communicate with another country on the matter if Ebuyer refuse to help. Something I would rather not do.

  spuds 10:32 10 Aug 2004

Usually in cases of 'lifetime warranties', there is a registration card that gives details of the cover offered, and the route to register the product. If you did not receive this document, then I would ask Ebuyer how they have sold and advertised a product with a 'lifetime warranty'yet they are refusing to give any information on your 'rights'.

I would had, that the wording of 'lifetime' can be a little confusing.Whilst this word conjures up all sorts of for never-ending, in reality it could mean 'the day it was born, to the day it died'.

Q.V.C. The shopping channel give a lifetime guarantee with some tools they sell. This applies even if you lose a bit,break it or even just wear it out. You get a card to claim the part you want and just pay postage.

  Dorsai 21:01 10 Aug 2004

I love 'life time warranties.'

The warranty lasts the life of the product. once the product dies the warranty ends. Ain't it a joke! onece it stops working, it's life is over, and so is the warranty.

This item is guarnteed to work till it stops working! What a great marketing scam.

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