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Lidl and a USB powered hub

  Stuartli 10:35 19 Sep 2009

About two years ago I bought a Silvercrest ultra slim powered USB four-port hub from Lidl, which recently ceased to work in powered form.

This obviously reduced its effectiveness so I thought about replacing it.

Just out of curiosity. on Monday I checked the retail box it came in and found a warranty booklet - to my surprise the product had a three-year warranty.

So I had a look on the Silvercrest website which, in turn, directed me to the Targa home page.

There was an e-mail link for warranty support and I sent details of the faulty product, along with its serial number. I did this three times, in fact, with the serial number being rejected each time via an automated reply.

Further investigation revealed a UK phone number, so I rang, explained the situation and added that after such a long time I no longer had the receipt.

Again the serial number could not be recognised, but the call centre operative said it was no problem, arranged for a replacement and added it would take a few days as it would be sent from Germany.

This morning the USB hub and power adapter arrived (in a large box!), along with a letter stating there was no need to return the faulty parts and that Targa was pleased to be able to help in a "straightforward way."

I reckon that's pretty good service by any standards.

By the way, the original cost of the USB hub?


  Forum Editor 11:13 19 Sep 2009

is precisely how customer service should operate. You help the retailer in a straightforward way by buying goods, and the retailer does the same by purchasing supplies from manufacturers or wholesalers.

What customers want is the use of the product, that's why they bought it in the first place. Why some retailers persist in setting up a virtual obstacle course every time there's a claim for a faulty product is beyond me, but they do, and that's why forums like this one exist.

  Stuartli 13:53 19 Sep 2009

Fully agree, which is why companies such as Crucial, Amazon and similar set the blueprint.

I should also have mentioned that the paragraph containing the words "straightforward way" concluded with "..and we wish you continued pleasure with your unit".

Considering the low price of the USB hub and the fact the firm is based in Germany, it's top class service by any standards.

  100andthirty 14:04 19 Sep 2009


Also I bet you were as polite and straight with the person on the other end of the phone as you always are on this forum. That's the other part of good customer service; looking after people who conduct themselves well!!!!!!!

  Stuartli 14:12 19 Sep 2009

You are very kind, but I can assure you that I do have my moments and they include in these forums...:-)

  spuds 21:14 19 Sep 2009

When Lidl first arrived in the UK, they had a very bad reputation for customer service, including banning people from their stores, if consumer rights were mentioned. Things have improved considerably since those early days, but I did notice that it was the manufacturer who came to the rescue and not Lidl themselves.

I have purchased a number of items from Aldi (similar product provider), and some of those items have had to be returned, due to failures. Never a problem of getting a refund or replacement, but whether it would be the same response from a Aldi supplier or product manufacturer, I haven't had the opportunity to try this out yet ;o)

  Stuartli 21:44 19 Sep 2009

>>..but I did notice that it was the manufacturer who came to the rescue and not Lidl themselves.>>

Lidl, quite rightly, requires a receipt. Moreover these type of offers are only for a short period of time, so staff wouldn't have been able to replace it because the purchase was so long ago.

Secondly the warranty was detailed by Silvercrest/Targa in its information leaflet, which includes a website support backup and, if necessary, a phone number to make personal contact.

The same subject of a receipt also usually applies to Aldi, but I've never had any problems with returning anything at our local store, whether it's a food or non-food product.

Lidl has been found to be equally straightforward with regards to returns or exchanges.

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