Lidl digital camera

  Stuartli 14:42 12 May 2004

Got the Lidl flyer for May 17th during a visit to our local store this morning, which includes details of a 4MP digital camera.

Labelled as a Nytech (the model number is obscured by details on its illustration, but ends in 020), it has an optical 3x zoom lens plus several digital zoom settings, special sports photography mode and macro mode.

Other features mentioned include audio recording, automatic and manual white balance settings, video-out, red eye reductioon, self-timer, 64MB Secure Digital card, four x 2000mAh rechargeable batteries and quick recharger, USB cable and carry case. Price is £169 with three year warranty. Just looks somewhat old-fashioned to my eyes.

Also on the flyer are a Lexmark P704 inkjet printer at £39.99 (looks like the Z601) with 15 sheets of premium photo paper and a Typhoon 5.1 speaker system at the same price - Typhoon is a rebadger so no doubt someone will recognise where they originate from.

  GAZ33 01:39 16 May 2004

The Aldi camera looks very much like a Centon as sold by Jessops code CENDC5 price £199.90.

  kspatto 19:12 17 May 2004

the aldi camera is identical in make to the toshiba pdr 5300 see here

click here

unfortunately he doesnt rate it too highly but if you buy from aldi they do have a no quibble (supposedly)money back guarantee and computer active gave it a star buy before christmas when it was £220 and only one battery

  Stuartli 09:03 18 May 2004

Has the publication you mention ever given the thumbs down to any product?

Re Aldi's camera:

As the Toshiba is almost certainly a rebadged digital camera (most likely from Taiwan), it is more than possible the Aldi version is the original manufacturer's own market offering or even another OEM version.

Toshiba is not a camera manufacturer and never has been - its forte is electronics and computer products such as laptops.

I even assume that the makers of my Pentax Spotmatic, Ashai Optical, doesn't make its own digital camera models based on this link:

click here

  Stuartli 09:19 18 May 2004

Your comment about the Aldi camera being idential to the Toshiba is perfectly correct, judging by this Toshiba web page link:

click here

It reinforces the fact that many big Japanese companies use rebadged OEM products to enable them to maintain an important foothold in a rapidly expanding market.

  anchor 09:33 18 May 2004


I have read many reviews on Steve's Digicam site. The statement made about the Toshiba 5300, "we honestly can`t recommend this camera", is the first time I personally have seen such a clear adverse comment.

  Stuartli 09:45 18 May 2004

If you read my query again, you will discover it is referring to a magazine....:-)

I have the highest regard for Steve's Digicam website - it has never pulled its punches and, for that reason alone, is a valuable resource.

  anchor 12:43 18 May 2004

Sorry stuartli: my error. %-)

Looking at the sample pictures on Steve-Digicam site, the sunlit shots do have a noticeably yellow tinge, as he says.

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