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License Issue

  recap 10:55 15 Feb 2007

Here at work, we have just bought 4 laptops. We have 20 desktop PC's all running MS Office 2003 (Volume Lincense). Not all these desktops are running at any one time.

The laptops will be used primarily for off site use.

My question is this: can I install Office 2003 on these laptops without infringing the EULA?

  recap 11:54 15 Feb 2007

Zero G, there are 20 licenses in the volume.

ventanas, I wasn't sure whether the two rule applied to volume licensing or not. It's not OEM software.


  Belatucadrus 15:12 15 Feb 2007

Or if the Office license doesn't work out, you could install OpenOffice click here and set the default save formats to Word, Excel etc. Fully open source, no license issues and no costly visits from FAST.

  recap 15:21 15 Feb 2007

Thanks I had forgot about OpenOffice of which I do have a disc.

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