lian li tower for workstation or not?

  thesmotis 01:18 30 Nov 2007

hello, im ordering a workstation next week but i have trouble deciding about the case
is a good consumer-lvl case, like a full tower lian li case (ie: pcv-2100), good enough for this system?

general specs are: 2 xeon cpu, 6 sata devices, hi-end gpu, hi-end sound interface, 1000watt psu, 24/7
the specifications/compatibility with psu, mobo etc, are fine i ve checked it already

the problem is that professional cases have a lot stronger fans, more fans in number, and have better air-flow design
so what do i do? the reason is the extremely high cost of professional cases and to be honest, taste

i would appreciate answers coming from people who have already worked with ready servers/workstations

  Forum Editor 22:19 30 Nov 2007

I work with servers on a daily basis, and know only too well how noisy some of them can be - cooling is one thing, but you'll be driven to distraction if you're working alongside a machine with three or four fans running full-blast.

Tell us a little more about the machine's location, and one of us will be better able to advise.

  thesmotis 23:35 30 Nov 2007

hello, many thnx for your reply
my english isnt that good yet, when you say location you mean the location of the machine inside the room, in general, something else? - sorry that i didnt get the meaning - again thnx

  thesmotis 00:17 01 Dec 2007

anyway, i ll try to answer, in order to save some time

the location in general, meaning country, is greece, which means really hot weather
that is one problem and i dont think i have found any solutions but to not use the machine during the summer till i find a satisfying water cooling solution
(id like your opinion on this as well, I never thought of water cooling as very usefull/necessary, but I don’t think there is another option in this country)

about the room
there are about 6 other machines in the same room separated by wooden furniture
there are not too close to each other to add up heat, though that’s not the case with the noise
these are very simple dump servers that do simple jobs and in general don’t require any heavy working, noisy components
we have silenced a bit the machines by changing psu and fans
the noise overall is a bit annoying but its not compared in any case to the noise produced by ready servers with strong fans and scsi drives - like intel’s ready systems

about the use
will a user be near the machine receiving all the noise or will it be used as a server that doesnt require a user to be around? the user will be near as if it was a pc

after this long post I suppose I wont get that many answers…anyway thnx again

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