LG won't fix my phone without a new screen

  mikeys12 13:21 15 Mar 2018

Hi everyone. My 15 month old LG Nexus 5x developed a problem a couple of weeks ago. After doing a bit of research, I found it was bootlooping, and this was a known problem with the phone.

LG were willing to fix the phone for free as it was a known fault. However, I have a small crack on my screen and they are refusing to fix my phone without repairing the screen first for £160.

The crack was not affecting how I used the phone whatsoever, so I am a bit aggrieved to have to pay to fix a problem that was of no issue to me in order to fix a problem that is their fault and is completely stopping me from using an otherwise fully workable phone.

Is there anything I can do about this? It's their problem that it's not working so surely they should fix my phone for free regardless of if they have to replace my screen? Thanks in advance for any help.

  alanrwood 14:34 15 Mar 2018

I would agree with you. Maybe you can get a replacement screen on eBay for a much cheaper price and fit it yourself however then they might say that it was you that caused the original fault. Caught both ways!!!!

Also maybe they are concerned that when they open up the phone to do the repair the existing broken part of the screen might get much worse or completely break.

I would consider going to Citizens advice for more info.

  Forum Editor 17:17 15 Mar 2018

The insistence on replacing the the screen is a puzzle - I can think of no apparent reason why the screen crack should be in any way related to the boot-looping.

In any case, I would not be asking for a repair, I would want a replacement phone - has that been mentioned in your discussions with LG? Try to push for a replacement, lots of these phones have been replaced because of this fault.

  Menzie 23:34 15 Mar 2018

I would suggest not getting a screen off eBay as suggested in this instance.

My other half sent her iPhone back to Apple for a battery fault and when they opened it up they said the screen wasn't one of theirs.

The screen got smashed in transit and because it wasn't one of theirs they initially weren't willing to replace it.

Thankfully she listened to me in taking photos of the phone the day it was sent along with how it was packaged.

They replaced the screen as the courier was at fault in the end. They also repaired the battery issue.

In the case of this LG if it has a crack in the screen it is seen in some instances as voiding the warranty. Some manufacturers will look beyond this and carry out a repair/ replacement as necessary. Others will give a hard time before doing so.

  BRYNIT 03:51 16 Mar 2018

"I have a small crack on my screen and they are refusing to fix my phone without repairing the screen first for £160".

It depends on what is needed to do the repair? If it's a software problem I cannot see why the screen needs replacing. If it means taking the phone to pieces to replace parts they may not want to do this in case this "small crack" becomes a large crack.

  HondaMan 10:03 16 Mar 2018

Not fit for purpose seems appropriate in this case; demand a replacement, but do remember to back-up your phone first!e, remember it is the store that is liable. Point out to them that this is a known fault and demand a replacement.

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