LG not making any effort to replace CRT monitor

  Giggle n' Bits 13:19 31 Jan 2007

Contacted LG last Friday to notify them of a LG Studioworks monitor being faulty. Was told someone would come out and swap on Monday 29 Jan. No one turned up, called pm end of day and told someone would call me to make another date but no call called them again end of day and told had to wait another 48 hours still not been contacted.

Was also told different company Business Post in conjunction with CJ Electronics would be contacting me but not looking good.

Has anyone else got any promises or Warranty claims being dealt with by LG at present, would love to hear your storey.

  wjrt 13:42 31 Jan 2007
  Spark6 15:30 31 Jan 2007

Your last post is on wjrt's 'click here'. Whoops!

  Giggle n' Bits 16:12 31 Jan 2007

Stress of calling LG again. Still they cannont give me any usefull or sensible reply. Apart from WAIT.

  mikef. 17:47 31 Jan 2007

How long have you had the monitor and where did you get it from as your first point of call should be with the people who sold it to you as they are the people liable to replace it

  tullie 18:31 31 Jan 2007

Do not deal with anyone except where you bought it from.The contract is with them.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:26 31 Jan 2007

the warranty after 31 days is passed onto the manufacturer which is LG I am aware.

  wee eddie 00:51 01 Feb 2007

The Seller is your first port of call. They may then redirect you to the manufacturer, but I would look for that in writing.

  Killo Bite 12:03 01 Feb 2007


  Killo Bite 12:15 01 Feb 2007

about 8 weeks now, LG when I call do not seem to have any contact with a 3rd party company for any replacment.

Just got of the phone after reading that its back to the supplier and they say after 1 year it is down to LG. My monitor is a 22" being 14 month old.

Seems to me LG have a comunication problem with the company who is to do the swap out. Been told to wait again. Also been told I could write to LG Head office to complain. Would they listen ?

Maybe if we all get together and show a stand in they may come upon this post.

Any LG customer service staff willing to come into the forum with some answers would be most welcome.

  Aargh 12:25 01 Feb 2007

Go banging on the door of the seller. LG are huge and won't worry about little old you.
Heres the guff from the Sale of Goods Act; not your cintract is with the retailer. Irrespective of what a 'warranty' might say, the law makes it the retailers problem to help you out if the goods are faulty or not of satisfactory quality.

Implied Terms

Implied into all contracts for the sale of goods whether the normal purchase from a retailer by the consumer or within commercial sales are the following terms:

That the seller has the right to sell the goods and that they are free from encumbrances or charges and that the buyer will enjoy quiet possession.

That the goods will correspond to their description.

That the goods will be of satisfactory quality

That where the buyer makes known the purpose of the purchase, that the goods will be fit for that purpose - or fit for the normal purpose.

That where goods are sold by sample, they will comply with that sample.
All the above are classed as conditions and any breach of them, for example, in the sale of defective goods, would amount to a fundamental breach of contract and could entitle the purchaser to reject the goods and seek reimbursement of the purchase price or claim damages.

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