LG L1710B Flat panel display-price query

  greigas 09:09 05 Oct 2003

I want to buy the above model. In pc advisor top ten the suggested price is £229 ex vat. So off I went to search on the web. The cheapest price I could find is £336 total. A big difference. Anyone else had this problem? Any advice would be gratefully received.

Regards greigas

  Sir Radfordin 09:56 05 Oct 2003

click here and you'll see that PCA have a price of £304 ex VAT which is £357 with VAT - similar to the prices you've found online.

Doing some quick searches there don't seem to be many places selling this model.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:49 05 Oct 2003

click here cheapest that I could find after a hasty search.


  DieSse 11:42 05 Oct 2003

Prices of TFT displays are going up (more noticeably on 15" models) - due to a current shortage of display panels. My wholesale prices up by over 12% in the last month or so.

  rewired 11:54 05 Oct 2003

Try Amazon, £339 + modest postage.

  rewired 11:55 05 Oct 2003

Try Amazon, £339 + modest postage.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:22 05 Oct 2003

You may care to have a look in PCW, they are flogging Proview TFT 17" monitors for £227. IMHO they are one of the best on the market.


  greigas 21:56 08 Oct 2003

Like the look of both, which one is better? Checking the technical spec the relisys has a higher dot pitch - 0.294mm to 0.26mm. What difference will this make? The technical spec is very similar otherwise. Anyone any experience of these flat panels? Any advice appreciated

  Inigo 22:25 08 Oct 2003

have the 1710B at a good price - £340 inc. They also have it discounted to £315 on their homepage often...

I have one sitting in front of me; it's a lovely moniter. Bit bulky at the back IMO, but then I,m used to my very thin laptop display. Trim is small, it has a little USB hub located on the base which is handy, and it has a convenient pen holder pad on the base too...

It's quite bright (Makes my laptop TFT look dull...), and is at a nice height. I'm using it with the analogue connector, although it also has a DVI plug.

As a side-note, there is also the 1710S which is just analogue. That's available for ~£290 at Microdirect...

  Ironman556 22:36 08 Oct 2003

Got mine from Anyweb PC's click here, but only because they're local.

You can get them from OCUK click here for about £350.

  Ironman556 22:40 08 Oct 2003

PS. Anyweb don't list the 1710B on their website, but if you give them a ring they're usually pretty good and will get you a price and the product in for your if they can.

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