lexmark X85 any reviews?

  tanzanite 11:12 07 Jun 2003

I have just ordered a new pc,and am now looking for an all in one printer preferebly black to match pc ,i cant find any reviews on lexmarkX85 so thought i would ask the experts

  britto 12:01 07 Jun 2003

I have the X73 and can't fault it,Google gives reviews for X85, heres one click here . Like the X73 it uses full size cartridges unlike some other models. Best of all advertised in yesterdays Star by PC WORLD for £69.99. go get it.

  tanzanite 13:49 07 Jun 2003

thanks for helping me as always you can rely on this forum for a speedy and honest reply

  spuds 20:25 07 Jun 2003

The previous X73 is identical to the X83 in the engineering, the only difference is colour, all white to part black now. Good machine, espacially at PCW special offer price £69.99. Not very long ago they were £149.99. To get full use of this printer, make sure your read the instruction book(;o). Would also suggest that you obtain spare cartridges. When I used my machine straight after purchase, I had problems with the colour cartridge.The blue pigment ran out, or wasn't functioning properly.

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