Lexmark multifunction printer

  BeeWee 17:37 26 Oct 2003

i spotted one of these yesterday in a local "cheap shop" model no. x5150. the price was £79.99. i was wondering if anyone has any experience of one of these printers and could therefore advise me whether or not this is a good buy?

  Stuartli 19:33 26 Oct 2003

dabs has just started selling the Lexmark X75 at £49.99.

But remember that, despite the convenience, the overall standard of each section is unlikely to match that of separate items and, in the event of one failing, the whole unit has to go away for repairs...:-)

  BeeWee 20:05 26 Oct 2003

separate items would be costly and take up lots of space ... this would be purely for home use. i don't know anything about the x75 or how it compares with the model that i have seen for sale

  spuds 22:39 26 Oct 2003

I have the Lexmark X5150, and on initial set-up it was very troublesome, but once all the problems were ironed out,I think that it is worth every penny.Mine cost £109.99 less the promo voucher of £20, so it cost £99.99 about two months ago.[Check the box for the £20 send away voucher cash-back offer].

If you purchase the X5150, make sure that you connect your USB cable [which is not supplied] into the USB port on the computer, do not go via a port hub. [You will have problems, like your computer crashing, if you are using XP]. The machine as a Fax button, and the instruction manual makes Faxing look simple [it isn't].You will have to look in the driver cd for this device, which you then have to download from another site download.If you cannot find this Fax extra, do not contact Lexmark, they tell you to get it from CD2,which is for Macintosh format only.You must look in CD1 [it is there, via MY COMPUTER Control page].

The printing that I have done is first rate,and that includes photos, even though the machine is a little 'clunky'whilst printing, but this is a non worry.

Checking the prices for replacement cartridges, can be a little hit and miss.So you may have to shop around.Try 7day shop for the 18L0032[82 Black]and perhaps Lexmark on-line shop for the 18L0042 [83 tri-colour] for best prices.Compatibles are a little harder to locate, but they are there for the looking at favourable prices.

Three/Four months ago the X5150 was selling for £150+, but it as greatly reduced in price within thev last couple of weeks.In general,I am a happy bunny with my Lexmark X5150, a lot better than the X85 multifunction.

  Stuartli 22:49 26 Oct 2003

All Windows versions (earlier versions used Awfax.exe and wms.exe) and XP, which has its own fax console, offer first class fax facilities.

Because I have dialup I use the Tiscali free fax to e-mail service, a switch caused by the collapse of FaxMe.

If anyone sends you a fax on your dedicated 0871-xxx-xxx number, it comes as an e-mail but with a fax cover page layout.

It's necessary because, as I say, I'm on dialup and wouldn't know if a fax was being sent...

  LANDCRUISER 23:14 26 Oct 2003

I bought a 5150 lexmark and paid £120 & i thought that was cheap so the price at £66-99 is very good indeed,is it second hand at this price,The lexmark 5150 is very good i found for printing & photos but a bit pricey for refills.

  Bald Eagle 01:38 27 Oct 2003

I have an X75, no problems. Printing good, scanning good, I don't bother with Fax option.

  BeeWee 09:14 27 Oct 2003

thank you all for your helpful replies. i think i'll be taking a shopping trip today!!

  BeeWee 09:16 27 Oct 2003

will now mark this as resolved

  Stuartli 17:19 27 Oct 2003

Actually I'm one of the glass is half full brigade - because I'm so laid back that's why I eat and drink to my heart's content and never put on weight...:-)

I have a pal whose Lexmark all-in-one has had to be repaired three times - bit of a nuisance as he runs a business.

  LANDCRUISER 14:09 29 Oct 2003

this lexmark 5150 will let you use it as stand alone so you do not have to swicth the pc on

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