Lets hear it for Roberts Radio...

  Diemmess 17:30 11 Apr 2006

I bought the top of the range Roberts Radio about 12 years ago.
Chose this one because it had cassette recorder, L.W. and preset tuning. Ideal for my other half who likes bits of Radio 4, can't get Radio 4 FM, and needs to select her choice without washing her hands every time at the kitchen sink.

This week the cassette deck finally gave up. Not many bother with LW these days, and few play with tapes any more.

I phoned, ordered a replacement deck £28.26 delivered. Asked to speak to technician about possible snags. Told he was having a break and would ring me back.
He did! Described at length what to watch for and the way to dismantle.

In 24 hrs from the call the new deck was installed and all works (D.G.)

From telephonist to everyone I spoke to, polite friendly no way patronising while warning me to make careful notes of which to solder to what!

Excellent .. star service.

P.S. The digital part. Some photos of it taken before disconnection.
At the end, in spite of my bent worm drawings I had no idea where to attach one red wire. One of my pics showed exactly where.

[There are no blue wires. Just as well because these always lead to a detonator in the films!]

  Stuartli 21:10 11 Apr 2006

My best mate, who runs an independent audio/visual/appliances retail outlet, sells dozens of Roberts radios every year.

The Yorkshire based manufacturer offers some excellent products at what are remarkably low prices for the quality.

  rmcqua 21:42 11 Apr 2006

I was once given a nice Roberts radio as a "thank you" gift by an airline I used to travel a great dela with (before frequent flyer clubs became so popular). It came with me all round the world many times and is still going strong - my daughter has taken it to Uni. with her.

  rmcqua 21:43 11 Apr 2006

"dela" = deal.

  Diemmess 09:14 12 Apr 2006

The object in posting this has been achieved.
I just wanted to say something really positive about a British firm which gives such excellent customer support.

  oresome 09:31 12 Apr 2006

Excellent service.

However, the reality is that other than a niche player operating on high margins, companies would go bust offering this type of service.

Keeping a stock of parts for a 12 year old product and getting the technician break off what they're doing to run through with you how to fit it...........not realistic in the modern world.

  Diemmess 16:18 12 Apr 2006

I have thought about your comments.....
"the reality is that other than a niche player operating on high margins, companies would go bust offering this type of service."

Niche Player - High margins? Both are probably true. The firm until recently, was a small family run outfit which has a reputation for quality of performance and build.

"a 12 year old product"
The product may be as much as 12 years old, but the quality tapedeck is probably still fitted in current models and wasn't exactly cheap.

Thank goodness for choice.
A bargain budget tranny for the back of a workbench is fine, but if it is for domestic entertainment it is nice to have some finesse to a radio, given that all the innovation and flamboyance these days goes the the dominating Idiot's Lantern.

Ignoring the £1000+ outfits in the glossy magazines, DAB sets in increasing numbers will strangle the old 'tranny' and fewer still fuss with cassette recording any more.

Long live all small specialised firms which produce sensibly priced quality goods.

  Stuartli 19:16 12 Apr 2006

Completely agree, particularly with your final paragraph.

  Forum Editor 19:47 12 Apr 2006

It's always a treat to hear stories like yours - revives my faith in human nature a little.

My own Roberts radio lives in the kitchen, and each day starts with the news from the beeb. The radio has taken some stick over the years, but the sound quality is as good as the first day I turned it on.

They'll never be a success of course, selling quality products that go on for so long.

  Diemmess 12:24 21 May 2006

Sod's Law!
Having fitted the replacement tape deck, I tried it and it played back nicely, job done, I thought.

Eventually threw the old mechanism away and later still my wife tried to record.
No joy, in fact pressing record switched the sound off altogether.
Heavy heart,(must have made wrong connections in spite of care to avoid this)

I removed case and circuitboard could see nothing wrong.
Phoned and got through to Rod Kettle who straight away said "Was there a small springy bit of metal on the record mechanism which should engage with a spring loaded slide switch on the circuit board?"
He apologised! Said this should have been transferred from the old deck and he hadn't warned me.

He said he would have a look in his "useful junk" and ring me back once again.
15 minutes later he rang and had found the tiny bracket and perhaps even more vital a tiny self tapper about 3mm long with a 1.5mm thread.

It arrived overnight and now this 16 year old set once more works in all departments.

If I hadn't been a genetic meddler, I could have sent the set to the company, paid for the repair, and saved everyone a lot of trouble.

I have thanked 'RR' - yet again, but thought others might like to know of this P.S.

  €dstowe 15:10 21 May 2006

My father has a Roberts Radio which (he says) he bought in 1962 when he was a student. It has worked well and hard even until now - surviving the bashing around by my brother and me as kids.

It originally took 9 volt "Lantern" batteries which are, I think, not available now and if they were, would be prohibitive in cost. He got a plastic battery holder from Roberts completely free of charge some years ago and it now runs on "D" cells.

It dates to before integrated circuits and all its transistors are like little black test tubes or silver top hat things with three legs on.

The most important thing is though that it still works on LW, MW and was one of the early VHF (FM) models available at a reasonable cost, apparently. It's in daily use in my parents kitchen.

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