Let's hear from the happy people!!!!!!!!

  WRC 23:40 10 Apr 2003

Hi all.

I have noticed from this website that a lot of people use it to complain about the companies that they purchase there systems from.

You have people complaining about Mesh, Time, Multivision, Evesham etc, etc. I know various people who own systems from the big 4, who are very happy. Indeed at work, we have a network of systems purchased from Multivision which work fine and whenever we need to speak to anybody at the company we find them to be very helpful and friendly.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to say "Let's hear from the happy people out there".

I purchased a Medion PC from Aldi last Saturday due to the superb offer that they had and based on the review in Computer Active, and I have to say that I am a very happy customer. Setup was no problem and everything looks to be working fine.

So come on, let's hear from all you happy people out there.

  Lone Crow 23:48 10 Apr 2003

They're too busy sitting in front of their PCs wearing Cheshire-cat grins!

  Goldcroft 07:07 11 Apr 2003

Sorry WRC, but those companies who are criticised on this forum, most of them on numerous occasions, have only themselves to blame for not setting up a proper after sales customer care system. Yes, they do have satisfied customers, but most of them seem to treat their customers who do have problems with contempt once they have parted with their cash.

  -pops- 08:21 11 Apr 2003

One of the reasons you don't hear from the Happy People is because of a slight modification of the adage "No news is good news" and that is "Good news is no news".

It's rare that people who have had good service will comment about it and when they do, judging from the threads here, the praise is short lived by another story telling exactly the opposite.

The only consistent praise for any company on these page is for Crucial who seem to have a service that others should most definitely strive for. I've used Crucial. I've sent stuff back to Crucial (I ordered wrongly - my fault). In all cases they were ultra quick, ultra helpful and sorted me out in no time.


  Bennythejet 09:39 11 Apr 2003

I had to order my Medion PC as Aldi had sold out. As soon as they phone me and tell me it's ready for collection I will be a happy man!

  nightporter 10:31 11 Apr 2003
  Sir Radfordin™ 11:00 11 Apr 2003

I'm happy with Mesh, but there we go.

Also happy with Dell as a business customer.

Doesn't mean much to everyone else though!

In fact the company I'm least happy with was the 'small guy' I bought a computer from 2 years ago. Only thing in to his credit was I got a full refund on it after a year because of having had so many problems.

  MichelleC 12:12 11 Apr 2003

ok... I think the Dixon's Group, Roxio and Pipex are the nicest and most helpful people in the cosmos...

  Wulfrune 12:32 11 Apr 2003

Telewest Broadband...........Gods of broadband.
Belkin.....Top quailty products (even though they slightly mar things by ignoring e mail tech Q's)
Creative Labs........Good stuff, no complaints.
ATI........Does what it says on the packet, and does it well.
Scan computer......fast efficient service.
Mailwasher.....a free program that is so good...I would have gladly paid for it.

Symantics.......a chocolate fireguard, useless tech help to match their useless products.
Weekend Computer fairs.....full of useless crap that they think that if they sell it cheap...you'll be stupid enough to buy it, bargains at computer fairs are like sunny days in July....few and far between :) rant over

Bought a new system locally earlier this year, sofar no real problems, so can't comment on aftersales service. Signed up with Pipex for broadband and am happy with the service, also have the comfort of having Belkin surge protection. All in all a happy bunny.

  Legolas 16:34 11 Apr 2003

Wulfrune I agree with you about computer fairs but I am going to one tomorrow I cant help thinking this one is the one where I will get the bargain of a lifetime, in other words I am hooked ;-)

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