Lenovo S500z AIO, Any user experience?

  [email protected] 20:52 15 Jun 2016

Hi there,

Thinking of purchasing the Lenovo S500z HC10 AIO for a small business, Finding very little information / user or expert reviews online in regards to the machine. Anybody use one of these and can give me overall impressions? Also anyone know when machine first entered the market?

UK based buisness will run mainly cloud based software (Google apps / Drive) so no need for huge amount storage. Other tasks will be basic online design and web build (Wordpress / Pixlr ect) basic MS office Word and Excel. Want something that doesn't lag on simple use and starts quickly when needed. (moving back to Windows after sometime on Macs and Chromebooks) dreading the slowness of that OS so want something a bit overkill for a good price.


  wee eddie 21:29 17 Jun 2016

I have never even seen the All-in-one that you mention.

However AIO's tend to be over priced and under specified. Unless you are critically short of space I would avoid it like the plague.

Buy Yourself a PC that can easily handle the minimum specification of the Software that you plan to use and stick it under the desk with your Laser Printer.

  [email protected] 22:41 17 Jun 2016

Thanks for the response. Seems nobody has used this machine although for sale on across online tech stores in UK. Lenovo Europe know nothing about it either.

Get your point about desktops being better value but building my business from my kitchen while kids at school and wife at work so need to set up and break down quickly and conveniently store away and set up again at night time. Also really handy for exhibition displays. Basically the machine has Ci7 8gig ram and a SSD for less than the bottom range iMac sans fusion drive. Seems it should be quick for what I want to use it for, also want it quick in 3 years time too


  lotvic 12:33 19 Jun 2016

I would have thought a laptop/notebook would be better than an AIO for:

need to set up and break down quickly and conveniently store away and set up again at night time. Also really handy for exhibition displays

For exhibition display you could add an external monitor if needed bigger screen.

  [email protected] 13:45 19 Jun 2016

Thanks - Yes, thought about upgrading lap top. Currently using and have been using solely a lap top for almost three years now but a bigger 23" screen would really be better for the work I'm doing as well as a more comfortable work station. Upgrading my current lap top and adding a touch screen, key board and mouse at the same spec seems a bit of a faf and may cost cost than the £800 this Lenovo will cost.

Can't aford the iMac at similar spec so pretty much set on the lenovo but isn't it strange that this model has never been reviewed in any country? One unboxing video from Australia but no review. Or maybe that is common for PC's

A micro PC may be another option. More research needed!

Thanks again

  Forum Editor 15:49 20 Jun 2016

I am bound to say that I tend to agree with wee eddie's earlier comment that AIOs tend to be over priced and under specified.

I think you could get a better deal for the money you propose to spend.

  [email protected] 00:38 21 Jun 2016


Yes I think I agree now, a little more research is pushing me to build my own AIO using the latest Intel Nuc Ci5 and strap it to the back of a monitor. The unit will cost about £500 to get it to the same specs leaving me £300 for monitor, key board and mouse.

As for costs it will probably cost me more to build my own to match everything like for like that the s500z aio comes with such as Core i7, touch screen, webcam, speakers ect plus I don't have to "build" it or install the OS and it might not look as well designed but hopefully the components I get will be of a better standard to the aio. Plus as they are separate rather than packed into one shell it will help if something needs to be replaced further down the line. I don't need web cam, speakers or touch screen but all in all it will cost me about the same without these "extras".

I'm taking solace in that nobody has reviewed this machine yet so could be a duffer, it will be easier to maintain over the the years and the individual components should be a better quality.

Fingers crossed!


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