Lenovo rubbish computer. Future action...

  puma22 22:44 02 Apr 2017

Hi, I purchased a Lenovo thinkpad yoga 260 almost a year ago. Within a few weeks, I started having trouble with it. Small glitches such as screen rotation not working. I had to return it to them and they changed out the motherboard.

I had dreadful problems getting them to pay the carriage costs and had to take it to the consumer ombudsman to get it resolved. They eventually paid up.

Now, a week shy of the 12 month guarantee being up, the keyboard is broken so they have asked me to return it again (I know I'm going to have a fight on my hands getting this refunded).

My question is, I've now lost faith in this laptop (and Lenovo as a brand - I've always bought dell and never had a failed computer) and am convinced that something will break once it's outside of the guarantee. So, im looking for preemptive advice on whether I have any rights once the guarantee has expired, especially given that it has broken twice.

  Burn-it 15:21 03 Apr 2017

The key words are "fit for purpose" but the burden of proof changes with age.

  puma22 20:22 03 Apr 2017

Thanks burn-it.
I'm ok with it if it now turns out to be reliable but am concerned that once it is out of guarantee, they will just shrug if it breaks again. I understand that the new consumer legislation is a little strengthened in terms of rights

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