Lenovo repair costs unfairly high

  Cam42 19:10 25 Oct 2019

Hi there, just hoping for some wisdom regarding Lenovo repair costs/consumer rights. Bought a Chromebook last year, then last week updated the OS - then it died immediately afterwards. Sent it for repair and now they are wanting just short of a £100 to fix a SOFTWARE problem they sent! Convenient it dies after the year's warranty passes!

  wee eddie 23:37 25 Oct 2019

Can you describe its death and the timescale involved?

  BRYNIT 14:31 26 Oct 2019

If it's just a software problem you could download and create a chrome recovery drive. All you need is a Computer with google chrome browser go to CLICK HERE add Chromebook recovery utility to google chrome. Follow instructions on creating recovery USB CLICK HERE

  Forum Editor 12:29 27 Oct 2019

Were you told what the software problem was - are you sure it is related to the OS update?

If you know what the cause of the problem was, you can almost certainly fix it yourself - it will not be hardware related.

  CamilaSaunders 06:55 31 Oct 2019

According to me, You should try Chromebook recovery. Apart from this you should also check whether it is an OS update problem.

  mrgrumpy 16:49 03 Nov 2019

This is not the first time instances like this have been reported and the problem is PROVING that their update broke something.

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