Lenovo customer support or lack of it

  MPic 09:58 26 Feb 2019

I bought a Lenovo Yoga 920 in Jan 2018 direct from Lenovo. On Jan 25th 2019 it died - motherboard and logic board dead. Have had circuitous and unhelpful contact with Lenovo on Twitter, their website contact relies on phone calls -again, unhelpful. Basically - out of warranty so nothing to be done. £1k+ wasted. Anyone had any luck with Consumer Rights 2015 with Lenovo? Surely my laptop should have worked for more than a year? Trying to contact any one with any responsibility at Lenovo seems impossible. Anyone any ideas to offer?

  HondaMan 17:39 27 Feb 2019

1 Obtain name and address of MD 2 Write giving full details, including where and when purchased. Send Recorded Delivery. 3 If nothing after 14 days send second letter exactly the same but headed "Letter Before Action" 4 If still nothing issue proceedings in the county court via their website

Alternatively FE may be able to assist!

  Forum Editor 15:59 06 Mar 2019

"Surely my laptop should have worked for more than a year?"

Yes, it should and the fact that the manufacturer's warranty has expired is not necessarily relevant - you are to a degree protected by current consumer legislation.

Broadly speaking, you must not have contributed to the problem in any way, and the supplier will almost certainly want to inspect the machine to verify that.

I suggest that you email Lenovo and state the facts - tell them exactly what happened, and when. Say that you hold them liable in this matter, as the machine you bought has not proved to be of satisfactory quality. The law doesn't define what is a 'reasonable' period during which a laptop should function without fault, but is certainly arguable that it should be considerably longer than a year.

Be calm and courteous in your approach - Lenovo has a considerable reputation to defend, and there is certainly no call for uttering threats about court action at this stage. if there is a genuine manufacturing defect involved you should get a satisfactory resolution.

Update your thread again when you've heard more from Lenovo.

  MPic 23:56 06 Mar 2019

Thank you I will do that.

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