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  gailmarieb 09:35 06 Feb 2013

Got a lenova all in one desk top last Sept and sadly its decided to break down on me, but no worries under warranty, first stop phoned curry's "knowhow" who yes agreed it needed to go back to manufacturer, so got the number and that is when it all went pear shaped! Silly me thought ok its going to mess things up but l can cope for a few days without a pc oh how wrong was I! Firstly they send out labels, then come pick it up, so after waiting 5 days for the labels l rang them again to be told op's shall we send the labels out or just come and pick it up? Arranged pick up for 2 days later no time slot anytime between 9 & 5 and then it goes to Germany to be reformatted and can take up to 3 weeks before its returned!!! Now my advice is don't even think about getting a lenova if you need your pc/laptop for work as the time it takes to get it repaired is ridiculous, and the help is appalling, surely such a large company should have repair shops a little closer to home! Oh and then l was told if it gets damaged in transit then l am not covered so where does one stand if that happens??? I have entrusted my PC to their carrier and yet they won't take responsibility if the pc gets damaged.
Shall update as to just how long it takes and if they do remember to pick up my pc today god help them if they don't because at 5.05 l will be on the phone and l will be giving them hell.

  spuds 11:22 06 Feb 2013

You appear to be blaming Lenova for all this, but you purchased the item from Currys, and that is perhaps where the problem lies, because it would now appear that you have taken the responsibility for resolving issues from Currys (Knowhow) and transferred it to Lenova who are the manufacturer.

Have you contacted Currys (Knowhow), and informed them about the situation?.

  gailmarieb 11:54 06 Feb 2013

@Spuds yes am blaming lenova for poor service and curry's have passed the buck and yes they are also at fault x

  spuds 12:03 06 Feb 2013

What I would suggest, is that you look at the Dixon Group (Currys/PCW/Knowhow) terms and conditions regarding sales. I believe that they set themselves a time-scale for repairs and replacements, and this might be a solution to your problems, especially if there is going to be long delays not through your making.

Its been known in the past, that customers have been offered vouchers, and by doing so, have resolved issues far better and faster. Delaying things can only make things far worse?.

If you get no sense from the store or outlet you have been dealing with in the past. Then go further up the chain of command.

  wiz-king 13:44 06 Feb 2013

It's nothing to do with Lenova, your grief is with the retailer who is responsible under the trade descriptions regulations as the machine is less than 2 years old. You dont make it clear whether you sent you sent the machine to Currey's or to Lenovo.

  Forum Editor 11:56 08 Feb 2013

Lenovo manufactured the computer, but you don't have a contract with them, you bought it from Currys, and they are liable to you for any repairs or replacement.

It appears that the breakdown occurred within six months of the date of purchase, and in that case the law assumes that the fault was present when the purchase occurred, unless Currys can demonstrate otherwise.

You should only deal with Currys, do not become involved with Lenovo directly, or you may find you have sacrificed some of the protection that consumer legislation provides. It's up to Currys to provide you with a replacement machine, or arrange for the first one to be returned to you in full working order within a reasonable time.

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