Legalised Shop Lifting

  tbh72 14:41 12 Sep 2003

I feel like I have just commited shop lifting. Here's the story.

Almost three years ago I purchased a DVD player from richer sounds. The player cost £199.99, I also took out their excellent SuperCare cover £19.99 which offers three options. 1) Repair or replacement if the product fails, 2) One free service or 3) 50% back after three years.

I opted for the later & selected the new DVD I wanted Yamaha DVDS540 £139.99 to pay. So I received a brand new DVD player for forty quid.

Reading through their brochure, I notice they have a price promise. They promise to match a competitors quote & refund £10.00 if your purchase is found cheaper else where including the NET.... What fools....

I have tested this price promise with marvelous results. Cheapest Yamaha DVDS540 found £119.90, Richer Sounds promptly & without dispute refund me £30.90. Which mean's I have paid only £9.09 for a yamaha DVDS 540....

Question, How does a company survive when selling good's for only 6.5% of their retail value?

Answers on a postcard to Julian Richer click here

  -pops- 15:08 12 Sep 2003

Richer Sounds specialise in obsolete and grey import goods (not that there is anything wrong in that). It means they can trade extremely cheaply as manufacturers are more than keen to remove this stock.

Like so many people, the majority of purchasers will not read the small print on the extended warranty (which is why the notorious DSG extended warranties are such poor value) and are thus unaware of this generous offer or, after three years, have forgotten about it.

Try and get your 50% off at one day after the three years are up!

You did well, but Julian Richer does better - why do you think his name is what it is? Don't have any feelings of guilt!!


  IClaudio 15:18 12 Sep 2003

I bought a DVD in WH Smiths yesterday - they have a special offer of a machine for 50 smackers. It's for my daughter, don't know how sophisticated it is...

The assistant rang up £4.99 (the barcode wouldn't scan and there was a sticker on the box about a SCART lead for £4.99) - I, as a basically honest guy, pointed out this mistake and she didn't believe me for a few minutes, but wanted to complete the transaction. I had to insist that she had it wrong. Eventually (doh...) she realised and rang up the true amount. I waited until I was outside the store before giving myself a good kick up the ++++

  plankton 15:51 12 Sep 2003

Anyway, it's not "shop lifting", you don't pay at all if you shop lift. You've done exactly what it says on the tin. Why cant I find a deal like that?

Perhaps we ought to add "Don't try this at home kids, shops are very heavy and can damage your health if lifted in the wrong way"? :o)))

  Tim1964 22:31 12 Sep 2003

Don't foget Tesco's promise that if they overcharge you for something you get a refund of the difference AND the product for free.

Last week bought LOTR Two Towers for £11.99 but didn't see a banner outside the store, until we drove off, that said "LOTR Two towers for £6.99 with £50 worth of shopping"(which we had)so went back in and got the film for nothing and the £5 difference.

Nice one.

  krypt1c 00:16 13 Sep 2003

pops - not sure what you mean by 'try and get your 50% off at one day after the three years are up'. Why should you expect to ? Richer Sounds do what they promise. As to goods being obsolete it depends what you want from your hi-fi kit. They aquire stock that manufacturers want to dispose of because they've got new all singing all dancing kit to promote.

  -pops- 06:20 13 Sep 2003

What I mean is that Richer Sounds stick strictly to the rules and I did qualify my statement about obsolete goods.

Stop trying to see negativisms where there are any.

  choffe 10:43 15 Sep 2003

i used to know a guy at brittish aerospace, and he told me one day over coffee that the components in a dvd device cost around 50p to produce, after burning my chin and hand i realised that i have been ripped off for years, it aint the hardware that costs it's the patanting and advertising.. so if you feel a bit uncomfortable, why dont the retailers...

  Jester2K II 11:49 15 Sep 2003

"it's the patanting and advertising.. " and the years and years of R&D.....

  plankton 12:38 15 Sep 2003

Correct. As manufacturing seems to be a dying "art" in this country, less and less people understand what R & D is, let alone what it costs...mind you, if the guy used to work at British Aerospace?...;o)

  -pops- 12:43 15 Sep 2003

As the owner/part owner/assignee of a number of patents, I also take issue with choffe's dismissal of patanting (sic) and advertising.

Where does she/she think any innovative products come from?

A few seconds thought should reveal that large number of novel ideas present in a DVD drive. Each of these has taken a considerable amount of development time and cost. Bringing them together requires more innovative thought. This requires the expertise of highly qualified people - who don't come cheap or in plentiful supply.

By choffe's thinking, a CPU should cost nothing because it is extracted from sand and there's plenty of sand on the beach.

"i used to know a guy at brittish aerospace". So did I - he worked in the canteen. He knew as much about DVD players as I do about jet engines - zilch.

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