LED Lighting For Indoor or Outdoor

  kelly win 22:31 24 Jul 2018

Are LED lights, future of lighting or a marketing gimmick?

  wee eddie 22:27 06 Nov 2018

It seems to me that we have been LED up the garden path. LEDs may be the future but, at the present, they appear to be unreliable and expensive.

A while back I replaced the Taxi's sidelights with LEDs, with the expectation of a trouble free future. It was not to be and, 5 replacement bulbs later, I have replaced them with normal tungsten bulbs. Halfords were, initially, very cooperative

  kiki234 17:59 10 Nov 2018

Two different suppliers have both had failures so I'm reserving judgement at the moment but cost of bulbs has negated my power saving. I also have had several LED torches with varied results. The super expensive lights on my bicycle have had one headlight

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