LED Lighting For Indoor or Outdoor

  kelly win 22:31 24 Jul 2018

Are LED lights, future of lighting or a marketing gimmick?

  wee eddie 11:09 25 Jul 2018

If you need to light something, then LED lamp is something you should consider.

However, once Progress has started it is unlikely to halt. A newer system will be along shortly

  Forum Editor 22:38 26 Jul 2018

LED lights are far superior to any other form of lighting currently available. They aren't perfect, but nothing ever is.

They are cheaper to run, and have a far longer life expectancy. Quite definitely not a marketing gimmick.

  canarieslover 07:08 27 Jul 2018

They are much cheaper to run but life expectancy seems to be greatly exaggerated. 18 months ago I fitted a chandelier with 4 of these with a saving of 220 watts. In 18 months I have replaced 3 bulbs. Two different suppliers have both had failures so I'm reserving judgement at the moment but cost of bulbs has negated my power saving. I also have had several LED torches with varied results. The super expensive lights on my bicycle have had one headlight replaced under warranty yet I have £1 shop torches that have lasted quite well but they don't get the battering of a bicycle light. Jury is out at the moment as far as I am concerned.

  jameelriaz 08:40 27 Jul 2018

Hey everyone, i think that LED lights or savers are the best lighting option these days, because they consume less, & give good output.

  Forum Editor 09:15 30 Jul 2018

In general terms, LED lights have a life expectancy of around 50,000 hours.

Various external factors can shorten this, however and the three main problems tend to be:-

  1. Heat - the heatsinks in some lamps are not as efficient as they could be, and this shortens the life of the lamp.

  2. Capacitors - every LED driver has a capacitor, and these have tended to be made from plastic. Manufacturers are starting to use ceramic capacitors, and these have a much longer life.

  3. Environment - LED lamps that are used in hot conditions - commercial kitchens for example - will not last as long. The same applies to LED lamps that are in enclosed areas, without sufficient air circulation.

  Guest 1234512757 10:53 30 Jul 2018

they are the future of lightning and why not they consume less energy and are not that much expensive

  canarieslover 11:05 11 Sep 2018

Yet another LED bulb has died in the chandelier. I have now spent more on bulbs than I have saved in power. Greatest advantage of them is the lack of heat being fed back into the fittings so I shall persevere with them. I have had the chandelier rewired with new bulb holders twice because the heat from incandescent bulbs was destroying them so at least I am avoiding that cost. Still disappointed with the lifespan of the LED bulbs (SBC fitting) which are nowhere near what is claimed.

  canarieslover 09:50 06 Nov 2018

Must be a bad week as I have had another two bulbs die. This brings the total to six in two years so they have really not proved cost effective at all. I am going to try another supplier to see if I can get anywhere near the lifespan that is boasted about for this type of light. At the moment I am disappointed with them to say the least.

  BT 17:43 06 Nov 2018

This brings the total to six in two years so they have really not proved cost effective at all

Snap!! At present I only have an LED lamp in my standard lamp which is the one in use on a daily basis, and my Wife's craft lamp (SES 3w reflector type). When I used a CFL 20w lamp it would last for several years in the standard lamp. To date the Standard lamp is on its 4th 10w LED lamp with an average life of about 6 months. I've had 3 replaced under guarantee from the dealer plus one of the 3w reflector ones. Most definitely not cost effective at around £3-4 each. I've got a good stock of CFLs bought very cheaply when Tesco was selling them at 5 for a pound when they were pushing them a few years ago plus quite a few 60w tungsten lamps, also from Tesco when they were selling off stock, handy for the lights on dimmers in my place.

  canarieslover 21:30 06 Nov 2018

BT - I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing problems with them. I went online earlier to look for replacements and it was noticeable that two of the suppliers I had used were no longer stocking the bulbs that I had previously bought from them. The reviews on others that I looked at also indicated that the usage hours claimed for them could not be met by a substantial margin. Makes car manufacurers claims for mpg look good in comparison. lol.

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