Led dave

  Led dave 12:23 20 Mar 2012

Hi.my rear view camera on my ford c max is flickering (intermittent) the ford dealership has advised that there is water ingress causing this problem.the warranty has three months before it expires.ford are saying it does not cover the water ingress.can someone please advise.regards

  wee eddie 14:31 20 Mar 2012

They may not cover "Water Ingress" but surely they must cover "Insulation Failure"

  cruiser2 14:38 20 Mar 2012

Have you seen the wording which Ford says does not cover "water ingress" Surely, failure of the camera is covered and it seems as if Ford are trying to get out of replacing an expensive item. Do they think cars are only driven in dry conditions.

  morddwyd 20:33 20 Mar 2012

What rubbish1 Of course water ingress is covered. What if the window or door seals were leaking, or water was spraying up through the floor?

Things like bulbs etc are traditionally not covered but water ingress certainly is.

This is an "unfair or unreasonable trading condition" and is a matter for the Office of Fair Trading.

  onthelimit1 08:38 21 Mar 2012

I'd certainly go back and challenge them - if it's 'not fit for purpose', they must be liable. The threat of action if they don't respond positively (but be nice to start with!) will probably convince them!

  spuds 10:12 21 Mar 2012

You could ask here http://.www.consumerdirect.gov.uk or if you are a member of a motoring service, then ask there.

Might also pay to do a Google or similar search for the same problem. If there are a number of similar fault responses, then you would have evidence to back a claim.

If you only have three months left on the warranty, then make sure that you have kept some records as to what as happened so far, including the response from Ford. You may need it!.

I had a 'leaking' problem with the tailgate rubbers on a new estate car. Eventually I managed to get the local dealer to replace the seals and re-align the door, but it took a little doing!.

  Led dave 10:18 21 Mar 2012

Hi Manythanks for all your input.I will certainly chase the dealer again Regards

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