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  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:06 13 Apr 2004

click here and download 'Leopard' (1.8Mb). It is an excellent programme that will show anyone interested in programming, the basics. It is simple to use to create programmes and I have been using it for a month now and am very impressed. It is a good,free stepping stone for Visual BASIC and C++, if anyone is planning to go that route. You will not be creating a new OS or the latest game but it is an simple introduction into the mysteries of programming and you will soon be creating .exe files like there is no tomorrow.

I would advise printing out the simple instructions or reading them online before you have a go...they are very simple and within a half-hour or so you should be able to create a simple programme.


  alan227 12:28 13 Apr 2004


  Belatucadrus 13:08 13 Apr 2004
  The Spires 00:09 14 Apr 2004

He comes up with some good links does GANDALF <|:-)>

  hugh-265156 01:56 14 Apr 2004

ta.for my postings.

  Forum Editor 07:01 14 Apr 2004

and thanks. This will be invaluable to anyone who has wanted to dip a toe in the programing water, but always thought it was too complex

  sPaNieL*WilL^KiLl 11:05 14 Apr 2004

thanks GANDALF <|:-)> i posted a message a few days ago about learning to programme (2D games). Im going to try Leopard out, but could you recommend any websites which show you how to proggramme simple games, as all the replies i got were too complicated for me.........im only 13.


  Da-B-Man 14:24 14 Apr 2004

thanks for this gandalf
ive been very fustrated with a c++ module i am doing at university , this program should help me 'click' and understand it


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