Leadtec lack of response

  Aristocatman 22:05 15 May 2004

My Leadtec Titanium graphics card went duff recently worked fine for 10 - 15 mins after switch on then the display dissolved into a load of vertical lines. I tried to contact Leadtec Customer Service got no response what so ever despite several tries. Very disappointing I took it to my local computer repair company he checked it out & found about 5 components requiring replacement charged me £15! can't be bad.
I was *[email protected]:ed off with Leadtec lack of response so when our company group replaced 200 PC's guess whose graphics cards weren't specified.

  Stuartli 14:00 16 May 2004

The name is actually Leadtek and the website is here:

click here

Are you sure you haven't been making enquiries here?

click here

  Aristocatman 19:25 16 May 2004

Yeah OK so I spelt it wrong I wasn't looking at the bumf, but yes I was on the correct site. I emailed them 3 times from the site contact in a period of 3 weeks, I got zero response, not even an acknowlegment. The aren't the only graphics card maker in the world so we bought someone elses.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:46 16 May 2004

'I took it to my local computer repair company he checked it out & found about 5 components requiring replacement charged me £15!'... I was underthe impression that all graphics cards had integrated circuits. These are enough to defeat most 'local shops'.


  Stuartli 09:13 17 May 2004

You are probably thinking of the graphics chipset such as those from nVidia - nVidia doesn't make graphics cards, only the chipsets for graphics card manufacturers and the provision of regularly updated drivers.

  Stuartli 09:15 17 May 2004

The reason I asked was because Leadtec is a computer technology related business.

  Aristocatman 21:31 21 May 2004

I appreciate your question sorry my if misspelling caused any confusion. The repair 'shop'I use is a small business here in Swansea that repair anything electronic - mostly computer related but are very good & reasonably priced, the parts required on the graphics card are capacitors & resistors that change value as they warm up causing the oscillator on the card to go unstable. The card works OK for a while then the display dissolves into a mass of vertical lines as it goes out of Sync.
In this throw away world it is great to find people that have the skills & take the time to repair, so often we throw away equipment costing 100's of pounds because a 10p component has failed.

  Stuartli 08:56 22 May 2004

My mate has those skills - he runs an independent audio/visual/appliances outlet, but has been repairing audio and visual equipment for just on 40 years.

However, his workshop, once a powerhouse of action, has been gradually wound down and now provides only servicing for regular customers.

The reasons? One is the sheer cost of running and maintaining a workshop and the second is that people are not prepared to pay the going rate.

In any case, with products such as DVD players, microwaves and similar now priced at £30 upwards and TVs and videos also starting from double figure prices, it's not economical to repair them.

The other day my mate took delivery of the very latest Panasonic videos, able to record and playback for even longer than the standard SP/LP modes.

Price of this new wonder? £99 retail. Profit margin? About £10-12.

Any wonder that a first class workshop has been gradually wound down to the bare minimum requirements in recent years?

  Mysticnas 17:41 22 May 2004

I've been using leadtek for a while now... they're quite good. I found that their response was a tad slow at 1st but now they seem to be fine.

  Aristocatman 21:50 24 May 2004

Stuartli, sadly I have to totally agree with you we now pay silly money for electronic & mechanical technology that a few years ago we would not have believed possible. My problem is that I am old enough to remember that we used to repair things when they went wrong & it still grieves me to just throw these damaged marvels of modern technology away.

  Stuartli 13:07 26 May 2004

I'm old enough as well...:-)

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