LCD v. Plasma v. Projector TV's

  peterleemaxwell 19:08 04 Nov 2005

Any body got any advise or tips or suggestions into the + and - of each system. Thanks.

  g0nvs 20:38 04 Nov 2005

All your questions answered here.
click here

  peterleemaxwell 21:24 04 Nov 2005

Hi g0nvs,
I'll give it a view. Need to know best system before a Christmas purchase. Thanks.

  Stuartli 23:48 04 Nov 2005

A digital projector is probably the cheapest way into this area providing it has the necessary sockets.

But remember that replacement bulbs are (staggeringly) expensive no matter what the choice, although modern LCD and plasma sets' bulbs do have a very much longer life span these days.

My club has a ceiling mounted digital projector (Toshiba) which is used with a 6ft wide screen and both the picture and sound quality are breathtaking.

It's the place to go if there's a big footie match on...:-)

  peterleemaxwell 12:13 05 Nov 2005

Hi Stuartli,
Thanks for the info. Every bit helps, for when I make the purchase, LCD/Plasma/Projector just didn't someone saying 'should have bought the other system, it's better'.

  Stuartli 13:41 15 Nov 2005

Returning to this subject, the best TV pix come from an LCD set and Sony are the bee's knees in this area.

A friend has a 32in Sony LCD which has superb picture quality and the only plasma I've seen that comes anywhere near it is a 42in Philips with the PixelPlus technology; however, Philips now only offers it on its top of the range models.

Even better this morning was watching a Toshiba 42in LCD at my mate's shop - the first of this size he has had - after it arrived yesterday and was being setup earlier today.

Quite stunning picture but £2,500 approx including stand...:-(

Still a rare screen size as the demand for such sets in the Middle East and China means a shortage of LCD screens.

  peterleemaxwell 14:48 15 Nov 2005

Hi Stuartli,
Thanks for the advise. Have you seen any thing on longevity LCD/Plasma?

  Stuartli 16:30 15 Nov 2005

My best mate, who sells these things, states that longevity of both LCD and plasma sets is excellent and far superior to common myth.

Says some plasma screens, for instance, have been used day in and day out in public areas such as railways stations for several years and still going strong.

  dark*angel 16:53 15 Nov 2005

Stuartli are you sure that your friend has the correct price for the Tosh 42" LCD???

I was looking to get the Panny Viera 42” plasma but that alone costs 2.5k, £500 extra for the stand plus 5 years free warranty! I would prefer a LCD but the prices on 32” upwards are ridiculously expensive and I’ve never seen a 42” LCD for sale anywhere, most I’ve ever seen in LCD range is 37” and that was near the £2.3k mark.

  jimmybond 16:56 15 Nov 2005

I'm also looking at this type of purchase just now - have narrowed it down to either the sony bravia 26" LCD, or a samsung. Apparrently, though - there are 'tearing' issues on the samsung, with certain inputs (XBox360). Anyone know anything about this?

  961 18:34 15 Nov 2005

Do either of these systems ever feature dead pixels?

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