LCD TV, Why buy?

  kinger 12:38 06 Jul 2004

I'm looking to buy a new TV and notice that LCD TV's are the 'in thing'.

However, they are a little pricey to say the least.

What's to stop me buying a large LCD computer monitor and putting my SkyPlus signal through it to save money.

Apparently, PC Monitors are built to a much better specification than the current TV's on offer so this would surely make sense, wouldn't it?

Refresh rate and viewing angles come into play, I know, but has anyone any ideas on this subject?

I've read other LCD TV commnets on the forum but need to know if this would be a good idea.

  Totally-braindead 12:52 06 Jul 2004

In my opinion LCDs are a gimmick, they look pretty cool I must admit but they are just not worth the money they are charging for them and I believe the picture on a lot of them is not as good as a normal TV especially at fast moving images such as an action film. Regarding using a computer monitor its not possible as far as I know, the PC and the TV use different signal types so it wouldn't work. Unless of course someone on the Forum knows better of course.

  [email protected] 13:28 06 Jul 2004

Would this work? click here It converts a video signal into a VGA signal

  kinger 13:45 06 Jul 2004

Thanks [email protected], yes I have a similar unit to this and can, indeed, convert the TV signal to work on a PC monitor but I was wondering why doing this isn't promoted, is it for technical reasons or don't they want us saving money?

Totally-Braindead, I too have heard that fast moving images cause a 'shadow' or blur on the screen. But I also heard that if the refresh rate is 16ms or better, this isn't an issue.

Some LCD TV's are just 25ms refresh rate and this does cause the image problems on fast moving scenes.

Any more help would be appreciated.

  TomJerry 15:07 06 Jul 2004

LCD cannot compete on these two issues with CRT. At least for a couple of years.

If you really want a cool TV with good picture quality, get a Plasma, not LCD.

But, do not use Plasma as a computer monitor because the static image of windows will soon be burnt on Plasma screen due to the nature of Plasma technology.

  kinger 15:42 06 Jul 2004

Thanks TomJerry.

I know viewing angles are an issue with 170 being the largest I've seen.

The brightness thing is new to me though.

I currently view on a CRT 25" old fashioned square screen but I imagine I'd need at least a 28" widescreen in LCD to make up for the height that I'm used to.

  phil.smith 10:24 08 Jul 2004


Just bought a sony 37" plasma after lots of confusion as to which was best LCD or plasma - superb picture even though through an analogue signal - can't get digital but will get Skys £150 package when it becomes available


  Gaz 25 10:55 08 Jul 2004


Thats why TFT monitors for PC's were set-to-rise becuase of they pass TV licensing etc and some other junk that the EU pushes on TV sets.... therefore they dont want you to use TFTs as TVs unless you buy the actual TFT TV systems.

But I dont see anything wrong with it, but hurry up before they rise.

Now... I use TFT's on the PCs and have watched a few DVDs them as well. They look fine, no blur, no shadow and good viewing angle. By far they are getting better. Contast is good as well.

Plasma is also good - but they tend to burn out quick.

  kinger 11:30 08 Jul 2004

Thanks Phil and Gaz 25, both useful information.

I am not going for the Plasma option but, judging by everyone's comments, I see no technical reason to not simply buy a good quality LCD PC Monitor and pass my SkyPlus through a signal converter (click here) to the monitor.

I've learned that manufacturers are charged a much higher levy for bringing LCD monitors into the country if they have TV tuners in them, hence the higher purchase price, I suppose.

I just need to find a large screen. There are plenty of 19" PC LCD monitors but, higher than this, is tricky to come across.

I'll need to check viewing angle / refresh rates etc. but that shouldn't be a problem.

  €dstowe 13:37 08 Jul 2004

The cost/length of life ratio for both LCD and plasma screens is very poor when compared with a CRT.

  kinger 14:43 08 Jul 2004

€dstowe, the guy in Sony centre said that now LCD TV's can do everything an 'ordinary' TV can do but only they should last 27 years.

Don't ask me how he worked it out.

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