LCD moniter Recommendation...

  2drewej 20:49 20 Nov 2007

Hi , im looking to buy a new monitor for my computer/ xbox 360....
and am debating either to get this samsung pebble 20"
click here

or the LG 19" with built in Tuner click here

they are both around the same price, but the Samsung doesn't have a tuner or HDMI - but has bigger resolution, larger screen and faster response rate etc

Any advice on which to get?

  wjrt 23:42 20 Nov 2007

run a check on pixmania before you spend any money with them as they are part of dixons but based in france and do not seem to operate under uk consumer law and many complaints about them. the monitor itself is good

  Crash 16:31 21 Nov 2007

This Samsung is basically the same as the one as you were looking at but it has a tv tuner and hdmi input!
click here

  Totally-braindead 17:08 21 Nov 2007

I'm afraid I wouldn't touch Pixmania with a bargepole after the problems a friend had with them, cost him a fortune to send a faulty camera back to France and then he had to pay for repairs only to find when he got it back it was exactly the same.
Turned out that although it came with a UK manual it wasn't a UK product, and the French spec is different from the UK one. So the bit he thought was broken wasn't broken at all. The camera never had the facility he was looking for as this was only ever on the UK spec one which was not what Pixmania sold him.
Buy from them if you like but it cost him enough to send a camera back goodness knows what it would cost to send a screen back.

  2drewej 20:39 21 Nov 2007

thanks for your advice - and yep i too made the mistake of buying a camera from pixmania - recieved a week later than stated and it came with a French user manual!

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