LCD display problems

  iguana 13:18 06 Aug 2005

student daughters 8 mth old budget PC's Lcd display showing lots of red/black pixels esp with detailed pics & movement, ok with black or white screen, Driver fault? Windows XP home restored to default does not work, surely this should do if drivers at fault.Helpline suggested starting with catylyst download but this is min. 5 hrs from here( non broadband area, poor connection!) any suggestions?? Radeon 9259 Gamefx graphics, AMD ath 64 3000 proc.Direct x 9.0c installed.

  LastChip 14:08 06 Aug 2005

But it could be a graphics card/chip failure.

If you mean you reset the machine back to the manufacturers default (as new) configuration, then surely it up to your supplier to fix it under warranty.

  iguana 14:50 06 Aug 2005

Yes back to as new.Hoping to we could have resolved it from home as shipping back could take a while & dread to think of acceptance of problem, and not sure if it is failure?

  LastChip 15:33 06 Aug 2005

If you have reset the machine back to the state it was when you received it new, at that point in time, you would expect it to work out of the box. At that point in time, it is not up to you to have to upgrade drivers or anything else; either it works as advertised, or it doesn't.

Now, from what you have said, the machine is now back to an "as new" point in time and it has a fault. It is less than 12 months old, so I think your manufacturer has little choice but to put things right for you.

The only exception(s) to that, is if your daughter or her friends have abused the machine in any way (which nobody would expect to cover under warranty), or there is software still on the machine that was not supplied by the manufacturer, and can subsequently be proven to be the root cause of the problem.

  iguana 16:26 06 Aug 2005

Thanks. i think you have basically confirmed my question about the driver working after restore. All the added software was removed (obviously)when restore done. It has not been used a great deal.We will endeavour to contact seller and hopefully get it sorted.

  HondaMan 18:05 06 Aug 2005

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