Launch of new OS Vista

  premier man 11:28 05 Mar 2006

Could the FE answer a few questions on Vista for me
What PC requirements will be required for new Vista?
Has he tried it, and is it as good as it is cracked up to be?
after reading about it I can`t wait.
also do he recommend purchasing when it comes out, or wait until the glitches are ironed out?
Also has a price been mentioned?
As an oldstager of 76 I am still a novice at computers,
Although I have had PC`S for 10 years some things are still above my head,I rely very heavily on these forums for help for which I am very grateful.
Thanks Gordon

  Forum Editor 12:26 05 Mar 2006

1. Microsoft hasn't formally announced a minimum hardware specification for Vista yet, but that's likely to happen very soon.

2. Yes, I've tried it, I'm using it now, and yes, so far it does seem pretty good. There's a way to go before launch however, and I expect a great deal of tweaking to be done before then. In general terms Vista has a great deal that's good in terms of security, stability, and eye-candy, but whether or not it's something that the average home user will want/need in the short term remains to be seen. I believe that there's a good deal of mileage to be had from Windows XP before it's finished, and strictly between you, me and the rest of the planet, I think we'll see another service pack for XP shortly after the Vista launch. That, if it's released, could contain quite a lot of what's in Vista anyway. Power users, and people like me - Microsoft calls us 'early adopters' will want Vista, simply because it's the newest, shiniest thing in the shop.

3. I recommend that you think carefully before splurging on Vista soon after launch. Everyone's hoping that by the time the beta program ends there won't be too many glitches. There will be some, there always are when a new O/S hits a few million real-world machines, but Microsoft is getting much better at developing and testing - I've been using a beta version for many months, and it's rock steady.

4. Pricing will be complex, because there will be many different Vista versions, and in answer to your question, no - Microsoft has not released an official price list yet.

I hope that helps.

  premier man 13:19 05 Mar 2006

Thanks for quick response,
that answers my Questions very nicely,
I will keep my eye open for updates on this in the PCA
Thanks again

  sunny staines 13:57 05 Mar 2006

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Try this link for suggested hardware.

  Forum Editor 14:03 05 Mar 2006

we'll almost certainly open a special forum for it - there are bound to be problems and discussions.

It will depend on demand, but I imagine there'll be quite a few people in need of help/advice.

  powerless 14:06 05 Mar 2006

Just the one forum I hope, It would make my eyes water with a forum per Vista version... ;-)

  €dstowe 14:10 05 Mar 2006

As someone who has a number of computers for business, I will be setting up one Vista machine initially to impress clients that we have the latest technology but, unless it offers something world shsttering that XP is unable to supply, I will stick with XP until the machines come round for renewal - which happens on a rotating basis.

Even so, I will most likely not consider a second Vista setup until at least the first service pack in order for MS to iron out the inevitable failings that weren't apparent in the beta testing.

  €dstowe 14:11 05 Mar 2006

shsttering = shattering

Sorry about that.

  Forum Editor 16:55 05 Mar 2006

Your thinking is broadly in line with most of my business clients. I'm sure we'll see a first flush of Vista installations in the 'early adopter' sector, followed a little later by a bigger sector of the home user market.

As far as business users are concerned, there will be very definite advantages for people in the graphics and imaging industry, and I expect to see them being among the first to upgrade.

Every new version of Windows gets a cautious reception now, and that's an indication of Microsoft being the victims of their own improved development programs - the software is getting far better, far more reliable, and therefore there's less incentive to jump into the next release. The cost of rolling out Vista to a big network is going to be considerable, and many IT directors are aware that there could be another WinXP service pack - they'll sit tight for a while, and gauge reactions to Vista.

  anskyber 17:07 05 Mar 2006

An interesting appraisal of Vista. click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:07 05 Mar 2006

Windows Vista.

To me it looks like Microsoft are trying to hard and trying to catch up with the better software thats out there, from what I have heard Vista just contains 'new' elements that linux has that MS doesn't, I'm really hoping Vista is going to be not ad-supportive and much more stable than the past windows copies, and I dare say that all the latest games will require vista, so looks like I will have to buy vista just for games...

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