Launch of HP iPAQ H1940 and H1945 PDAs

  Webmaster 13:35 15 Jul 2003

HP are on a mission.... a mission to confuse one and all! If there are people reading this who know about HPs latest marketing ideas, you will know that they seem to change the names of _identical_ products in order for them to track where they are selling and through what channels.

I wrote to HP asking them what the difference was between their two new PDA models (the H1940 and the H1945), stating clearly that I would eventually like to buy the top of the range model in this particular series. They swiftly replied saying:

"The HP H1940 was released in the UK on 23 June 2003. The H1945, the same model, is distributed through our resellers and retail outlets."

However, there were, and still are on the Internet, claims that the two models differ very very slightly, supposedly on the basis of what additional software the PDAs come with. Even the HP US website notes that the H1940 is a 'commercial' version and the H1945 is a 'retail' version. On another enquiry to them, to clarify what they told me, they replied saying:

"The iPAQ 1940 and 1945 are exactly the same models. The different model numbers can differenciate between what country the model was purchased in, or if it has been rebranded for our retailers and resellers, as per the previous advice.

"In this case the 1945 model is our USA based model and the 1940 is the UK based model but just to clarify again they are exactly the same in size and specification."

Well, HP, if they are exactly the same model, why do all the official technical specifications state rather ambiguously, that specs are "dependent on model purchased by customer". And on the subject of how much backup memory is available on the H1940, it kindly informs the consumer that "Up to 12 MB iPAQ File Store available on selected models". Hang on HP, this doesn't sound like both models are identical. :-/

Hmmm.... I think the lady at HP UK has either been misinformed or the HP UK website and the HP US website are being very ambiguous.

Therefore, I have come to a conclusion on this basis that the H1940 is for sale in the UK, as HP UK advised me, and the H1945 is for sale in the US. This I can agree with since an online PDA shop, Expansys, found if you click here, is marketing the H1940 with no mention of an H1945 model., on the other hand, are selling the H1945 with no mention of the H1940, found if you click here.

One would like to believe that the two models are identical, however, the fact that US and UK HP websites state that things are model specific, does not reassure one, particularly when the HP UK support centre is contradicting what is said as the specification on the two websites.

Are there any people out there who have been lucky enough to get their hands on either of these two models and who could possibly highlight any differences, if any, between the two models if you have been fortunate enough to come across both models together? Differences are rumoured to be the iPAQ backup software and the file explorer software.

Your help is very much appreciated.

  TechMad 15:17 15 Jul 2003

I'm not sure if this is a similar case, but when the HP Jordana 540 and 545 exisited the difference was that the latter had double the memory capacity.

  Webmaster 21:58 15 Jul 2003

No, both models come with the same amount of usuable memory, it's just thought that the backup memory is different depending on model. Thank you for that anyway, TechMad. :-)

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