Laughable Broadband Speed - NOT

  gardener 18:07 18 Oct 2007

I use Virgin Broadband 8MB. First thing in the morning I get download speeds of around 400-500KB/sec. Between the hours of 5 and 9 PM I can barely manage 10KB/sec, in fact at this very moment I'm getting 1.7KB/sec. This slowdown happens every day. I admit that I live in a remote village but surely the variation in speeds is abnormal, or does anyone else experience the same?

  Monoux 19:35 18 Oct 2007

I've just switched from Ntlworld 1Mb BB about 3 weeks ago to Virgin up to 8Mb. In the mornings I'm getting 6.9 Mb but in the evenings it can go down to less than 100 Kbps

I've been taking this up via Email with their Tech people ( I object having to pay them 25p per minuted to put right errors that disn't exist until I moved to them)

I did have much slower speeds but re booted the Router as they suggested several times a day and that did make a big improvement. I believe you have to use click here to get a record of your speed that they will accept and can access on line as being definitive Try that and then Email them the results on click here

  gardener 20:29 18 Oct 2007

Monoux, thanks for that. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, the speed was so slow that it couldn't open the PC advisor web page!

  STREETWORK 20:44 18 Oct 2007

Ask BT to do a line check and insist that they increase the gain on it, say its crackly and they will do it. sometimes gets you some extra speed..

  gardener 21:20 18 Oct 2007

STREETWORK, thanks but my phone provider is Pipex. I know the line is owned by BT but I'm not sure if they'll do anything about it because of the leased line business. I've rung BT a couple of times but they're very reluctant to offer advice presumably because I'm with Pipex and not them (BT).

  gardener 21:23 18 Oct 2007

Monoux, just tried the speed test link.All I get is this message:
'The IP address discovered on the network associated with your telephone number:------------, did not match the one we have logged from this browser/connection. Please check your telephone number and try again. If problem persists please contact your CP.'
Obviously I've blanked out my phone number, I'm very shy!!!

  Monoux 22:11 18 Oct 2007

Once you have put in your telephone number (after sometimes quite a wait ) you will need to put in your log in. This is usually in the format [email protected] NOT your Email address

It should then run the speed test and display the results

How long have you been with ? Are you using a wireless router. The reason for asking is that for the first few days you should reboot your router a few times as mentioned above

I'll try to remember to look at this thread again tomorrow to see how you are getting on. Had a long day so turning in for the night now

  gardener 14:07 19 Oct 2007

Well, I finally managed to get the test done. This was my result at 2PM today:

Test1 comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.
IP profile for your line is - 3500 kbps
DSL connection rate: 448 kbps(UP-STREAM) 5504 kbps(DOWN-STREAM)
Actual IP throughput achieved during the test was - 3251 kbps

I'll try the test again between 5 and 9 when the broadband speed drops, as it no doubt will do.

  gardener 14:12 19 Oct 2007

Monoux, I use a four port Speedtouch wired router. I've networked three computers and the fourth port is used for a printer server.Been with Virgin since the dial-up days, 10 years or more.I've tried the reboot method but between 5 and 9 pm it makes little difference to speeds. I presume it's a contention ratio issue.

  Monoux 15:05 19 Oct 2007

Well some progress then-- you at least got the test to run.

  Monoux 21:03 19 Oct 2007

gardener-- LoOks like we are not alone, just wish I'd seen this 3 weeks ago I would not have changed to Virgin click here

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