Latest Windows fix can cause PC slowdown

  TOPCAT® 19:13 18 Apr 2003

>WINDOWS UPDATE USERS and prudent sys admins might have installed the latest Windows patch without a thought. That might not have been such a good idea. The patch is meant to fix a hole in Windows Messaging but can end up causing a severe performance degradation...

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  powerless 20:21 18 Apr 2003

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I can honestly say that since removing this update i have noticed that me PC is once going faster again. Especially when i open a program for the first time. Also accessing files has improved...

I did the usual stuff deleting temp files and then it had me stumped...

But removing the update has seemed to improve things.

  two00lbwaster 21:15 18 Apr 2003

will remove the junk patch anyway as i removed messanger

  mikef™ 21:16 18 Apr 2003

Thanks TC, I had noticed things had slowed down a fair bit last couple of days, but I am already noticing things are a lot quicker since uninstalling it, particularly this sites page opening. :-)

  Offline 21:21 18 Apr 2003

How very interesting, I applied the patch last night and today have found windows pausing before they open etc, nothing massive but a definate slowdown I've been in the bios, reinstalled my mainboard drivers etc...Cheers.

  two00lbwaster 21:39 18 Apr 2003

hmmm not just xp it doesnt seem to be so bad on that its worse on win2k

  Offline 21:43 18 Apr 2003

3 Cheers for TOPCAT® ! ! !

  bfoc 22:12 18 Apr 2003

I installed the patch last night and noticed things were very slow. I realised it might be the update and so removed it.

Things seemd faster and so came her to see whether anyone else had noticed it and got confirmation.

I will have to learn, even when tired, not to just install anything from MS which has 'security fix' attached. I don't even use messanger!

  March Hare 00:40 19 Apr 2003

I usually install MS updates too, and added one a few days ago. (Didn't notice what it was - assumed that if it was from MS, it was OK and required.)

Can someone tell me how to find out if I have this one, and if so, how to uninstall it please?

  powerless 00:46 19 Apr 2003

Go to start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs > Scroll down and you will see all your updates now find the update "Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q811493" and click it. Now click REMOVE on the right follow the instuctions and say goodbye to it.

  CyprusJohn 08:21 19 Apr 2003

I have been going crazy trying to recover from a system crash whilst attempting to restart after installing the latest download from MS. Amongst the error messages was a display driver failure (ATI Radeon 7000)! Pure luck got me to a state where I could restore. That worked and having seen the experiences on this list of responses I owe TOPCAT a virtual beer. I can sleep now, thanks.
This is not the first time I have encountered severe problems after MS updates - as a basic novice in such things, is there anywhere to go for advice on individual updates or do I just need to keep checking this site?

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