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  PC Advisor. 11:32 25 Jul 2003

Hi folks,

We're interested in digging further into our current poll on wireless networking. If you haven't voted yet, we'd love to hear what you think.

If you've already voted, we'd like to hear from the two thirds of respondents who aren't interested in the concept. I know we're obviously biased here at PC Advisor, but to us the combination of broadband access and wireless networking is possibly the biggest breakthrough since Windows 95 met Pentium.

We'd love to hear from the doubters.

Is it price that's putting you off?
Is it because you've already got a fixed LAN in place?
Is it the prospective technological challenge involved with installation that's at issue?
Or is a traditional setup of an internet-enabled PC-plus-printer perfectly sufficient for home requirements?
Any other views/comments welcome.

Many thanks.

  Djohn 12:26 25 Jul 2003

I voted "No" simply because I live in a small bungalow, also only have the one PC at the moment and will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future. If circumstances were different then I would have voted, "Yes" as it does seem the most logical way forward. Regards to you all, have a good weekend. j.

  Forum Editor 13:09 25 Jul 2003

does seem to be inextricably linked with broadband internet access - mainly because (for home users)it's the possibility of sharing a broadband service between computers that drives any move to wireless connectivity.

I may be wrong, but I don't see too many home users adopting wireless networking for file or application sharing in the home, and that is certainly the case with quite a few of my private clients. All they care about is being able to share broadband with other family members - children with computers in their rooms for instance.

  -pops- 13:25 25 Jul 2003

I voted no because I have no interest in linking my computers. I have one "power" machine which I use myself the other two are not connected to the internet or to each other and are used, one for the grandchildren to play on, the other for the other half to do all her WI etc. work on. I have no interest in the running of the WI or with the games and things that the granddaughters play so I would rather not have them even linked to my machine.

Anyone who needs internet access has only to ask me and they can use this machine.


  darkjedimistress 14:00 25 Jul 2003

The wireless kit is just too expensive to justify and I feel the same way about most new technologies. The camera phones spring to mind, lovely gadget but if you have money to burn....

I have a £40 router, a couple of £ for the Ethernet cables and I have a network with a split broadband connection with the ability to plug in two more pc's also at a later date.

Now that's value for money!

  bvw in bristol 14:29 25 Jul 2003

I've already got a broadband network at home, just 2 machines, cost me less than £40. Hub and one cable, 2 more machines can be connected if required. Don't need wireless at the moment.

  Southernboy 14:44 25 Jul 2003

for business maybe. As a home user, my PC does what I want, so why add unnecessary extras.

  wint 17:26 25 Jul 2003

I gave up on the *un-named* wireless system. It was simply too unreliable. I would quite often work on ICS (internet connection sharing) but would hardly ever work when trying file transfers. Anything more than 500KB would freeze. It was intermittent, nothing I could discover would start or stop it.

On the advice of tech support, I downloaded the latest drivers (again) but that didn't improve matters. When working, the maximum throughput I saw (on an 802.11b system) was 3MB.

When tech support ran out of ideas, I ran out of patience and fitted a cabled system. Very fast, reliable and no problems - not to mention cheap!

  Andybear 21:26 25 Jul 2003

I voted 'no' because I live alone and have only one computer; therefore I don't need it.

  sgtdibble 23:59 25 Jul 2003

like Andybear and Djohn i don't see the need for it I have 2 computers but only 1 on line

  Stuartli 00:20 26 Jul 2003

Even if I did or didn't intend to incorporate wireless networking in my home, the very narrow references involved in the poll eliminate probably 60 per cent or more of potential respondents.

I couldn't say "yeah" or "nay" to any of the three questions posed and I speak as someone whose son's house is wired up to the hilt, including a server and all the bits and bobs...:-)

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