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  -Beb- 19:57 01 Mar 2004

There's nearly always someone picking a hole in the question so i thought i might as well have a go. In the latest poll there is a choice of teh software that comes with the magazine, but wouldnt it be better if there was no cd full of software you never use?

Whenever I buy a computer magazine i just glance at the software on it and then spend the next couple of minutes trying to get it off the cover of the magazine without tearing it and then i chuck it in the bin (i keep the cd case though). Would it not keep down the cost of the magazine if there weren't any pointless cds that come with it? I know that there are other people who agree with this as any of my friends who buy computer magazines just chuck away the cd. What a waste.

  bremner 20:32 01 Mar 2004

This subject has ben discussed a number of times and I seem to recall that from the magazines point of view their research has proved that the disks are a key selling point.

However I do agree it would have given a more interesting result if that option had been on the list.

  Jester2K 21:18 01 Mar 2004

I don't think there is much software i have got off any cover CD that I've kept or found any good - except Properties Plus but that was 6 years ago or so....

Always seems to be unnecessary or overly complicated software when there are loads of easier, user friendly versions available on the 'net.

I guess the CDs are of more use to those that don't know what's out there or even what software can do. My CD / DVD always sits on the side until i get 5 mins to skim through and then bin it - the DVD footage almost always goes unwatched. Perhaps i ought to buy the CD version of PCA instead and save myself a couple of quid a month but knowing my luck I'd miss some killer application I'd really like....

A subscription version of PCA without CD or DVD would be very welcome. As a broadband user i can download the latest version (sometime the cover disks don't even carry the latest versions of software - but thats down to the software publisher and editorial deadlines) in few minutes.

  gudgulf 21:18 01 Mar 2004

Given the price of competing magazines--with or without a cd/dvd PCA is relatively speaking a bargain.

Having said that I agree with you -Beb-, there are only a handful of programmes out of all the cover discs I've amassed over the last 3 years that I've actually used!

I would personally opt for more magazine content instead of a cover disc---so that's another option to add to the list. lol

  Andybear 18:22 02 Mar 2004

When I bought my first PC in 1995 there was a magazine called PC Guide which was available with or without a cover disk. I always bought the 'without' option, which was cheaper. As far as cover disks being a selling point is concerned, nobody I know thinks this - they all get chucked in the bin. I think they're a total waste of time.

  -Beb- 18:43 02 Mar 2004

I think the only use for the "free" cover cds that come with the magazines are the jewel cases. These can then be stored, in my case, as a jewel case mountain. Oh the excitement...

  Gaz 25 21:34 02 Mar 2004

Its mad though, they gave a 30 day trial of Panda antivirus. So much for a full version which it stated on the front cover.,

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