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  Murray 23:45 23 Jun 2003

Once again, just interested to know what people think of this weeks topic for discussion:

If I didnt include my hotmail account, then I would get about 20% spam; including it, it is nearer 90%.

  -pops- 07:15 24 Jun 2003

I can't really see what discussion there can be on this. The question requires a straightward "tick the box" factual answer. That's all there is to it, isn't it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:30 24 Jun 2003

1) Spam can be SLIGHTLY annoying at home. There are much more important things to worry about like the weather and how many beer tokens are required for a night at the local. To get worked up over spam indicates a somewhat vapid existance.

2) Spam/pop-ups/adverts can help to pay for websites' costs and reduce the need for subscriptions. I cannot see many people digging into their pockets to pay a subscription.

3) Websites cost buckets o'cash to run (BBC offering costs approx £100m/annum - Yahoo, 27p and 2 choccie bars/annum ;-)) ).

4) Deleting spam is not one of the worlds' most onerous tasks. It merely needs hand/eye co-ordination and an understanding of what the 'X' button is used for.

5) There are perfectly good spam blockers available for zilch or little dinero. These will stop nearly all spam after they have had a month or so acclimatisation.

6) The internet is a free open resource. The Encyclopaedia Britannica used to cost 1500 squid, going to the Reference Library/ Town - Shire Hall/ Citizens Advice etc., etc, etc., involved getting off ones' butt and making some effort. All the information that the above can spew out is available freely on the web from various sources. Having few restrictions is one of the bonuses of a free web. Spam is the cheap price that we pay.



  mikef. 12:02 24 Jun 2003

I'm afraid that I can not answer this weeks poll as having BTO's built in spam blocker very little spam gets through to OE, so to be honest I've no real idea of the percentage of spam that is sent to me.

  Pusherman 12:18 24 Jun 2003

I agree with Gandalf, it doesn't take much to set Outlook Express to divert all mail with dodgy subject lines to the deleted folder. I stopped using Internet based email (Hotmail, Excite etc.) because I was getting deluged with spam, but with a little forethought you can prevent yourself from being inundated. Don't give out your email address out willy-nilly, only give it to people and organisations you know and trust. If you want to post to news groups then use a temporary address which you can change frequently. It's not rocket science is it, just a little common sense. Some of you may think that this is an over simplification but at the end of the day I get maybe on or two pieces of spam mail a week and to delete them takes less than a second. If you are one of the unfortunates who gets hundreds a day then maybe its time to change your address.

  Confab 12:28 24 Jun 2003

Depends what you class as spam. I receive what I call spam from well-respected companies that I know I have bought items from - Maplin, friends reunited ect. I know that there must have been a box that I should have ticked or unticked but probably just forgot. As for "real" spam, I obey the rules as Pusherman says and don't get any.

-pops- I think that there is always room for discussion on any topic. That?s what this forum is about isn't it?


  -pops- 14:16 24 Jun 2003

It wasn't my intention to stop discussion, just to point out that the way the question is posed requires a tick in a box or its equivalent. That being so, further comment is superfluous.

  wee eddie 19:44 24 Jun 2003

My two 'bt' accounts, well below 5%

Hotmail & Msn, in excess of 95%

My two bt accounts are used for communication only.

All web work, buying, enquiring, help rooms and chat rooms are done through the Hotmail & Msn accounts. I think that just about says it all really.

  hé hé :-) 19:57 24 Jun 2003

My AOL email hardly gets any....but my hotmail email has loads...I've give up using it...

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