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The latest Aldi desktop PC

  Armchair 20:19 08 Feb 2011

Used to be traditional to make a topic for each PC Aldi sold, so I'll do one. This went on sale on Sunday.

click here

AMD Athlon II X4 640 Quad Core CPU
AMD Radeon 6450 512MB DDR3 GPU
1TB HDD (5400 or 7200 RPM? Dunno.......)
Windows 7 Home Premium

and some other stuff.

Looks like reasonable value, but once again I wish they'd fitted a half decent gaming GPU, even if it meant upping the price a bit. No mention of it's PSU, or whether or not it has any vacant RAM slots.

  GaT7 22:57 08 Feb 2011

"Unfortunately it does not fit properly under my desk. So maybe a design fault."

Come on, it's only a mid-tower case. It sounds more like the space you have under your desk is not very large, or simply not large enough ;-)

Somebody could go for a gigantic case & still blame the lack of space under their desk. Well, they didn't exactly get their measurements right, did they?! G

  GaT7 12:38 09 Feb 2011

Right, so I take it the docking station is not removable? Also, does it stick out in an unsightly manner? G

  Armchair 18:56 09 Feb 2011

them on a sunday

My local Aldi still had two of these PCs in stock when I went in to buy my cashew nuts last night.

  GaT7 19:03 09 Feb 2011

Your cashew nuts?

Isn't that a little too much info Armchair ;-), G

  Armchair 19:16 09 Feb 2011

NAH. Seriously, £1.29 for 200g. ALways grab me nuts in Aldi.

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