Late Delivery

  Mavisk 17:40 07 Dec 2010


I ordered a PC with my credit card , on Nov 11th, with a three week
build time .
The PC was duly sent after three weeks by courier, next day delivery a week ago.
PC never turned up due to bad weather snow etc, fair enough, but
That was a week ago,and I'm still waiting.Plenty of other couriers are delivering normally in my area.
They apparently have a backlog to get through, but I can't
get a delivery date out of them.

I'm going away on the 13th till 24th, so if I don't get it before then
I don't want to take delivery after Xmas.

I just seem to be getting the runaround

Thirty days is up on Saturday, am I entitled to a full refund after that
date if it hasn't arrived,even though the PC company had it sent when they
said they would,but have been let down by the courier?.

  john bunyan 19:09 07 Dec 2010

Normally you are correct , but in extreme situations, - weather, strikes etc, sellers can invoke a "force majure" clause. I hope you get it on on time.

  spuds 23:36 07 Dec 2010

By ordering your PC by credit card, I assume that you did this via on-line or by telephone, and if so, you can cancel the order stating the Distance Selling Regulations. This though would only apply to 'normal' sales and not a computer built to a one off specification of your making, or if you purchased as a face to face transaction in a shop or store.

If you do cancel, then the retailer as 30 days in which to return any funds, unless they decide to return the funds faster, and it pays to bear this in mind.

The retailer or manufacturer would be at the mercy of the courier company, but they should have a contact point for obtaining information about due delivery to you, if actually sent.

  biglake 08:23 10 Dec 2010

Just as me trust them. i like their quality and customer service!

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  Mavisk 14:23 10 Dec 2010

Just to wrap this one up,
Lady at depot finally located PC on Wednesday afternoon, and it was delivered 8am Thursday morning.Very happy with it.
Thanks for all replies.

  Forum Editor 17:48 10 Dec 2010

for the update.

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