As a last post (it's goodbye from me)

  snoresloudly 19:51 16 Sep 2003

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cannot take it any longer

  Belatucadrus 20:01 16 Sep 2003

If Zone alarm is causing that much trouble why not replace it ?

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  -pops- 20:07 16 Sep 2003

There are other firewalls available. There is no obligation to use ZA is there? I don't, I use Outpost.

  Giantsquid 20:41 16 Sep 2003

Sygate for me, I'm on NTL BB and the only thing that slowed me down was IE, got shut of that now I'm on Avant and it's real fast again, why not have a play around with other Firewalls and see how you go, my brother had Zone alarm and it made him ill with all the intrusions he was having he got shut maybe you should too ?

I am lost for words.

You have a piece of software that causes you problems accessing a site that you use regularly and on which you are a respected member and to "cure" your software problems you leave the site??

It is a bit like saying that your ISP is causing you problems so you will be giving up computers....

There is a advertising line from one of the big four banks.....

"There is another way..........."!

  rambus 20:51 16 Sep 2003

your problem is that you are running windows me and zonealarm which are not compatable together.
therefore suggest you install a differant firewall such as, say sygate which is free and works well with windows me.

  duckers 21:59 16 Sep 2003

If your that concerned why not get a router with a built in firewall and just use that, lock all ports except 80 and usually they recognise stuff like games/etc trying to access the internet and will ask you if you want to allow it to.
Or upgrade to XP and use the XP firewall...
Beside if your still using windows ME your asking for trouble, I reckon thats the worst version of windows I have come across, especially security wise.

  wee eddie 22:15 16 Sep 2003

last time I tried to give it up, I needed another fix before the weekend was out.

I went "Cold Turkey" or in this case "Immobile Mouse" for all of 4 days.

Dump the firewall, there are many more fish in the sea!

  Mango Grummit 07:18 17 Sep 2003

It could be any combination of things causing this but I use Win ME and ZA with no problems and so do others. duckers is wrong about that.

snoresloudly, you need to think what you have done lately that could be causing this, or something that has happened recently, as presumably it used to be OK. Things don't change by themselves.

  Forum Editor 07:45 17 Sep 2003

some people are using ZA with WinME, but there's obviously something wrong, and it isn't at our end, so............

It's at least worth trying another firewall isn't it? I can't see that you have anything to lose by it. I use Outpost,in my opinion the very best of the free firewalls, and available if you
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  JIM 09:13 17 Sep 2003

Any chance, Before you take the above step to post ALL programs that are on your system.I would like to see if poss, if there may be something that has been overlooked.

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