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  Cara2 21:35 15 Feb 2006

Just bought my first laser printer. However, when printing (invoices) the same word (line) - the lower part, does not print properly.

Don't really want to have to lug it back. Is this a fault or something that can be 'tweaked' to get it to work?


  Totally-braindead 21:44 15 Feb 2006

Make and model of printer plus your operating system.

  Cara2 21:47 15 Feb 2006

Brother/HL2030. Window ME.

Strangly (or maybe not to those with more knowledge)it is only the word 'LABOUR' which is not printing fully. The word can be at various points on the paper.

  Totally-braindead 22:18 15 Feb 2006

Correct me if I'm wrong, what you are saying is that only the word labour appears faded out and the rest is ok?

  Totally-braindead 22:29 15 Feb 2006

First thing is check that the Font etc for the word labour is not set wrongly. If all appears ok try printing a new page with labour on it in a couple of places and see what they are like. I also suggest having a look at the Brother website if these ideas do not resolve the issue click here perhaps an email to them may resolve it. Also try deleting the word and replacing it with something else and see what that looks like.
I presume you are printing using Word, there is an option to print with a sort of faded font and am wondering if that is what you have inadvertantly done. If you have another full document and print that and its ok then the printer must be fine and it must be something to do with the font selected for this particular word.
My explanations aren't very good tonight, appologies for that.

  Totally-braindead 22:31 15 Feb 2006

Wait a minute I think I know what it is. You have Word set to US spelling, on the page it will probably be faded out or underlined in red because labour is spelt labor in the US. If you change it to United Kingdom spelling instead of United States and then run spell check it should print ok. I'm sure thats it.

  Cara2 23:08 15 Feb 2006

Thanks for your replies.

Really difficult to explain but here goes. The word LABOUR is spelt correctly - the upper half of the word is reproduced correctly - but the lower 3% of the each individual letter is blank.

I have checked the Brother website and out of 53 FAQ this one is not mentioned!

  Totally-braindead 23:31 15 Feb 2006

Ah. I get you now. If you print another page of something else does it print ok or is there a missing bit in the same place as the word labour was. If a bit is missing in the same place then its definately the printer. If not and you've checked the font is no different then I'm at a loss to explain it but hopefully someone else can.

  Cara2 23:42 15 Feb 2006

I think the word LABOUR does appear in different areas of the paper. But it is only that particular word which is affected. H'm, will experiment with the word more fully tomorrow.

Thanks for your replies.


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