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Large retailer won't replace broken door.

  ened 16:03 03 Mar 2011

Before I complain to trading standards I would like some opinions as to if I have a legitimate case:

Nov. 2008 I purchased a Microwave from a notorious large retailer.

Within a few weeks the door had cracked. First of all I was told I must have bashed it because: " they never break"! Then I managed to get them to replace it and when the engineer turned up he revealed that they are always going and he changes loads of them.

It went again in September of that year.

I spoke to the manager and he agreed that if the second one cracked (this time they changed the whole door - the first time just the outer skin) he would see about a replacement product.

This time it lasted a bit longer but I had to go back to the store last November (24 months after original purchase) and the manager said he would get back to me. He didn't. I went back about three weeks ago and he said he would get back to me. He didn't so I wrote to their head office.

They have just replied saying words to the effect : tough the manufacturers warranty has expired and we will repair it but we will charge you.

I know that goods are expected to last a reasonable time even without the history. I would have expected them to at least repair it.

Am I being reasonable or should I just write it off and put it down to experience?

  Diemmess 13:20 06 Mar 2011

Two things emerge from this thread

1). A general trend to add widgets to tempt a buyer combined with a reluctance to offer any repairs after the warranty period has expired.

2). More surprising [to me] is the light use so many make of their microwave.

We have a lumpy Hitashi bought 29 years ago.
No fancy programming, just a robust clockwork timer, and a slider which adjusts the actual power available - full blast to "warm."
It has a stainless steel lining and a rotating table.

We heat/reheat drinks, cook apple, rice for risotto, fish etc etc, ready packaged curry and so on.
It cost a lot at the time, but has been used several times every day ever since. (like 100andthirty) only the bulb has been replaced.

  spuds 16:29 06 Mar 2011

Strange how the bulbs seem to be a problem, after long service. Our microwave bulb stopped working about 3 years ago (1st time), and I haven't found it necessary to bother to change it. To lazy I suppose!.

Regarding Diemmess's microwave. I was in the market for a similar Sharps type - model that was the rage. But even though the Toshiba was definitely the most expensive Currys had at the time. It was the 'very latest' with all touch panels etc. Certainly well worth the purchase, especially after all these years of good virtually daily usage. Will my next be the same?.

  ened 18:04 06 Mar 2011

Thanks for your contributions.

I was told in October 2009 that if the replacement cracked again they would sort out a replacement machine.

Perhaps I should have demanded a replacement at that stage (before the manufacturers warranty ran out). Also I should ave got the promise in writing - it was more of an agreement that I would give the replacement door a try since they possibly hadn't changed it properly the first time.

To my mind a promise was made by a representative of the company and I would expect them to honour that.

If they do not then I shall try the Panasonic direct route. Thank you for the links.

If I do not get a new door then I shall close this thread by naming the company. This will probably come as no surprise but will give me a little bit of satisfaction.

  ened 13:04 02 Apr 2011

Comet were of no help at all and reneged on every promise that had been made to me.

The moral is that I should have been firmer when the door first broke because I had only had it a few weeks and perhaps I should not have let them fob me off with a repair. However, even at that stage they were pretty aggressive!

As someone said it really wasn't worth getting too het up over, but I did write to Panasonic and they have offered to repair it FOC.

Congratulations to them and Comet have lost many customers (family & friends) over their behaviour.

I don't suppose it worries them at all but the list of dissatisfied customers must be pretty large and growing.

  bremner 10:22 05 Apr 2011

Anchor & Timsmith

I think you have both missed ened's last posting at the bottom of page 1

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