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Large retailer won't replace broken door.

  ened 16:03 03 Mar 2011

Before I complain to trading standards I would like some opinions as to if I have a legitimate case:

Nov. 2008 I purchased a Microwave from a notorious large retailer.

Within a few weeks the door had cracked. First of all I was told I must have bashed it because: " they never break"! Then I managed to get them to replace it and when the engineer turned up he revealed that they are always going and he changes loads of them.

It went again in September of that year.

I spoke to the manager and he agreed that if the second one cracked (this time they changed the whole door - the first time just the outer skin) he would see about a replacement product.

This time it lasted a bit longer but I had to go back to the store last November (24 months after original purchase) and the manager said he would get back to me. He didn't. I went back about three weeks ago and he said he would get back to me. He didn't so I wrote to their head office.

They have just replied saying words to the effect : tough the manufacturers warranty has expired and we will repair it but we will charge you.

I know that goods are expected to last a reasonable time even without the history. I would have expected them to at least repair it.

Am I being reasonable or should I just write it off and put it down to experience?

  ened 16:29 03 Mar 2011

Nov. 2008 Purchased Microwave and other stuff after house move.

Feb 2009 First door replaced

Oct 2009

  ened 16:30 03 Mar 2011

Oct 2009 Door replaced for second time

September 2010

  amonra 16:31 03 Mar 2011

Depends on which model MWave you have, but sometimes it aint worth the hassle of arguing with your retailer. Why get wound up. M/Waves are so cheap now it may be worth dumping the old one on the cash-point of the retailer and let him dispose of it and buy a new one.

  ened 16:38 03 Mar 2011

September 2010 Door cracked.

I wasn't going to bother but everytime you shut the door the insides all vibrate and it is very off-putting.

November 2010 Went into the store

Again three weeks ago.

The manufacturer is Panasonic and I will see what they have to say, but in my opinion, and given that the integrity of the door is vital for safety, two years is not a very long time and I want them (the store) to replace it.

Is that a reasonable expectation?

  ened 17:29 03 Mar 2011

It wasn't cheap because it is a combi and it is the only thing we have to cook with.

  oresome 19:20 03 Mar 2011

I agree with others. It's not really worth the hassle arguing and raising your blood pressure. Buy a new one.

I think part of the problem lies in the fact that you say it is all you have to cook with.

Whilst this type of appliance has got cheaper over the years, so has the construction. I've never had one break, but ours is only used lightly and has been replaced when the kitchen has been redecorated for cosmetic reasons.

I imagine if ours was used to cook with on a daily basis, rather than just warm the odd thing, it wouldn't last two years.

If you were to buy a commercial machine that is intended to give long service, I've no doubt it would be several times more expensive.

  namtas 20:30 04 Mar 2011

It can be overlooked that Microwave ovens are sealed against leakage. Leaking waves are very harmful to the human body. Studies have been performed on effects of leaking microwaves. Microwave leakage can cause many disorders which include cataracts, dizziness, headaches, blood disorders, birth defects in pregnant women, and central nervous system damage. The latter ones can have long lasting and very serious effects.

  carver 09:21 06 Mar 2011

A decent Micro Wave is not cheap and Panasonic like to think theirs are built to last, have you any documentation about the repairs.

If that door has been replaced that number of times then the store should replace it (easier said than done)the microwave and not the door.

You could write to Panasonic or contact them from here click here and explain the situation to them, do it in a very calm tone but explain that the door has gone several times and is this a matter to be concerned about from a health aspect.

  spuds 10:06 06 Mar 2011

Purchased in November 2008 would possibly make it an earlier production model, which as been superseded many times since that model was manufactured. Spares would be a stumbling block I would imagine now, especially if that particular model was not a good seller.

I have a Toshiba microwave which is very old, but still very usable. Constantly looking for a better replacement, but haven't really got the point of finding what we want, because they keep 'improving'. There are cheap simple devices that you can purchase, so as to conduct regular leak tests.

Personally, I would contact Panasonic and ask for their advice. A search on the internet might bring some reviews worthy of a mention in your correspondence, then go from there?.

  100andthirty 11:07 06 Mar 2011

I, too have a Panasonic Microwave bought 23 years ago and the only problem has been failure of the lamp.

One expects premioum models like Panasonic to last longer than that. Consumer law reflects common sense. The fact that the door failed twice and the engineer said he replaces loads of them indicates there's a problem.

if you google the exact model number and the word door, you'll probably get the evidence you need. (we're all working on the basis that you aren't particularly heavy handed!!!!!!)

I'm sure you'll get a response from Panasonic, but if you don't get the response you would like and wish to use the law you need to deal with the store as you had the contract with them and not with Panasonic.

I imagine your oven cost £150 or so. Only you can judge whether the time and trouble and expense of pursuing them in worthwhile. Consumer Direct is the usual source of advice. I'm sure they'll recommend a form of letter to make the store realise its responsibilities and that you're serious. If the store refuses to do the right thing, then your only recourse is to the Small Claims Court.

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