Kate B 16:07 13 Oct 2004

Anybody had any experience of this online retailer? I ordered a bag from them over a week ago and have just phoned to chase it up. The lad on the end of the phone swore to me that someone had tried to call me to tell me that they didn't have the bag in stock, but no message was left on any of my voicemails; nor did they respond to an email I sent the other day aksing where the bag might be. No apology, just a rather feeble "we're a man down".

One other irritation is that they only ship to the card billing address so I'm additionally at the mercy of the parcel delivery service rather than offering to deliver to an alternative address.

I'd be pleased to hear some good experiences as after this I'm not minded to buy anything from them again. No apology, no attempt to make me happy, no acknowledgment that perhaps the person who says he tried to call me didn't ...

  Forum Editor 19:20 13 Oct 2004

Two weeks ago I bought a used laptop from these people. My eldest daughter has a company laptop, but they lock it down so she can only access the web via her company server. They provide her with a broadband connection and a home office, so she can work from there, but she needed a second machine for personal email etc. laptopshop performed well - the machine arrived promptly and in very good condition.

My daughter shared your irritation about only delivering to a card address - she's mostly on the road/in the office during the day, so she had to collect from the courier's depot. I can understand why some companies have this rule, but it can be irritating. As for your other comments - your annoyance is understandable. It's too easy to say "We phoned you" and at times it's an insult to the intelligence - why not leave a voicemail?

  Kate B 19:42 13 Oct 2004

hmm, I think this might be my first and last purchase from them. Pity - I wasn't particularly price-sensitive, I just wanted the particular bag in a particular size and they were the ones that had it. But I do think decent customer service is important; including being able to deliver to a convenient address.

  Curio 20:10 13 Oct 2004

bought additional memory for his JVC mini laptop from this company and it was delivered to my address to await his arrival home from Saudi Arabia. It was found to be defective and a phonecall to the store resulted in an immediate return number and new memory arrived through my letterbox within 48 hours. No complaints re Customer Service from here.

  Kate B 21:09 13 Oct 2004

The jury is still out - I'll let you know ...

  Kate B 12:06 14 Oct 2004

Well, they redeemed themselves somewhat: my bag arrived this morning by DHL, so that's good. However it was packed with those awful polysterene chips that no matter how hard you try to keep them in the box escape all over the floor.
So I think I'll give them a 6 out of 10 and probably not use them again.

  g0slp 08:28 15 Oct 2004

I know what you mean about the use of polystyrene chips, Kate B, but they are a cheap & effective means of packaging, certainly compared to those air bags or the large equivalent amount of bubble wrap which would be required.

Remember, every saving possible is necessary in the cut-throat marketplace...

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