Laptops direct problem with charger connection

  Casochen 09:40 31 May 2017

I had the worst experience with this company! They sent me a laptop with a charger that didn't fit. I explaining them the issue and that I thought the problem was the port but they insisted in sending me a different charger that of course didn't fit once again. I brought my laptop to a technical service as I had to give a presentation at work and I needed my laptop urgently. I contacted this company to explain this and they did not contacted me back. As I expected, the problem was the port and no the charger. I contacted them back explaining them the problem and now they are arguing that my guarantee (that I purchased for 3 years) is not longer valid! They did NOTHING to sorted out my problem and instead of apologise for their lack of knowledge and capability, they are just washing their hands clean of this!! Terrible experience,

  alanrwood 09:53 31 May 2017

What reason do they give for your 3 year warranty not being valid. Has it run out?

  HondaMan 10:27 31 May 2017

How long have you had the computer Make and model New or used

  wee eddie 16:27 31 May 2017

I know that this sounds stupid but, if you have never succeeded in plugging in the Charger.

What type of plug does the Charger have?

Are you sure that you are trying to plug it into the correct port?

  Menzie 02:16 01 Jun 2017

What kind of repairs did the shop you take it to do? Were they an authorised repair centre for that brand of laptop?

Are Laptop Direct saying that they think the port malfunction was caused by damage?

Very strange for two chargers not to fit at all on a new laptop.

  Forum Editor 08:23 01 Jun 2017

I have edited your post to remove an unacceptable recommendation to other forum users.

Like other responders, I find it strange that neither of the two chargers fitted the machine's charging port. What type of port are we talking about?

  tullie 13:13 12 Jun 2017

I wonder if this was resolved by the poster?

  lotvic 13:54 12 Jun 2017

Possibly the poster found he/she was trying to plug it into the wrong port...

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