laptops direct = muppets at best

  Newuser2 17:55 19 Sep 2007

Ordered Acer Gemstone last Friday, Delivered yesterday Tuesday, trouble is the laptop has no web cam as it should have. Spent almost an hour on the phone trying to sort the mess out, finally have a returns number and I've had to call again to advise as to collection time slot. Every time I got an order confirmation the details were wrong as is the returns e-mail.
Customer service I think not.
I'll post back with any result etc.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Laptops Direct - I bought an Asus laptop from them just before last Christmas on 9 months IFC.

My finance application was cleared by the lenders at about 10.30 am on Tuesday 12th Dec, I phoned Laptops Direct immediately afterwards and got the laptop at 8.30 am next day, just in time for the wife's birthday on Thursday 14th. I had to pay for the 24 hour delivery, but it wasn't much more than standard delivery and I didn't get grief from the missus for missing her birthday.

I think I got superb service from an excellent company (although I haven't had a problem yet). I guess one of the best ways to judge a company is when things go wrong. I don't suppose this helps you in any way, but I thought I'd just put my side across. Hope you get a good result.

  PP321 19:31 19 Sep 2007

You dont think your over reacting a bit??

A (maximum) £20 webcam?!?! and all this fuss?

Agreed it was part of the deal but no one is perfect and it could have been a simple clerical error.

If it had of been the wrong laptop sent or something i could understand , but a webcam?

Come on man there are worse things that could have happend.

  Newuser2 19:41 19 Sep 2007

pp321 what planet are you on.
I expect to receive what I paid for and ordered not something else.
I've just received another e-mail telling me that they are awaiting stock to fulfil my order.
But I have already received it, and its not what I ordered.
It seems to me that they don't do joined up thinking.

  Colin 21:08 19 Sep 2007

It doesn't matter what the missing item is or the cost if it is, it's the hassle you get when trying to rectify incorrect deliveries. This is another example of the cons over the pros of buying online. If it arrives correctly - fine. If it doesn't - it can be a nightmare getting it sorted as Newuser2 has discovered.

  PP321 21:12 19 Sep 2007

I'm not saying you shouldnt have complained, i would have didnt order what you recieved , im what i'm saying is mistakes happen, and as it goes a LOT of other things could have gone wrong, in the big scheme of things, the company made a minor mistake, i certainly would feel the need to vent my frustrations on an internet forum ect.

But to each his own eh.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:17 19 Sep 2007

Sending the computer back is a total over-reaction. Personally I would have bought a camera or asked them to send one and saved the hassle but some people seem to thrive on aggro....each to their own. Mountains + Molehils springs to mind; still, it is your blood pressure.


  Totally-braindead 21:24 19 Sep 2007

I'm afraid I think you are overreacting as well. Admitadly they screwed up by not including the webcam but surely it would have been easier just to get a webcam sent rather than send it back.
Perhaps I've got the wrong end of the stick here. Is this it? click here is the camera you are on about the built in 0.3mp crystaleye camera? Has the laptop come without that which is listed? If thats what you are on about then I can see why you returned it as the webcam is meant to be built in.

  Al94 21:27 19 Sep 2007

I suspect he means a webcam built in to the laptop above the screen

  Totally-braindead 21:37 19 Sep 2007

Al94 thats what I am wondering about. After I looked at the particular laptop it clearly says it has a built in camera. And if he bought this laptop wanting the camera they say on the site is actually built in to it and it doesn't have it, then I can see why he would wish to return it.
I'm still wondering if it is this built in one that is missing or if its a seperate webcam he is on about.

  PP321 07:56 20 Sep 2007

If thats the case then that should have been pointed out in the origonal post a bit more clearly.

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