Laptops Direct Ltd - after sales problems

  KunwarChadha 10:09 27 Aug 2014

Hello All, I want to share a story with you on my experience with Laptops Direct.

I bought a laptop from them on 25th July which they advertised as having a dvd drive (main reason for me to buy that model). They (late) delivered a different model which didn't have a dvd drive. Since then the company has been "investigating" my claim and finally agreed to refund last week - however I'm still chasing to get my money back as of today.

*Key Issues*

1. Misadvertised laptop without DVD drive sold as having a DVD drive (I have screenshot of their website showing DVD drive mentioned before my dispute and no DVD drive after).

2. Misadvertised sale contract price displayed in EUROS, however claim that they can only refund GBP

3. “Rapid” 5 day delivery promised but took 9 days

4. Extremely Poor service – a. Commitment on 30 Jul that laptop will be delivered by 31 Jul but did not until 6 Aug b. Delivery charge of £5 refund confirmed on 2 Aug to be paid within 1 day. When I called on 8 Aug, it still had not been processed. c. I was told someone will call me back on 8 Aug and 18 Aug – on both occasions no one called me

5. Personal effort and distress this caused us: a. As “rapid” delivery missed 2 Aug deadline we had for our daughter’s birthday, her birthday was ruined as we did not have another present to give her b. I spent one hour trying to restore the laptop to factory settings as instructed by LD’s refund policy email c. My wife spent half an hour repackaging the laptop as LD’s refund policy unfairly put liability of return damage on the customer (even though LD was arranging the pickup through their own courier!) d. I took a day off from work so laptop could be picked up as LD failed to confirm timing. I was told to call the courier myself if I wanted this confirmation.

6. Sent two emails to MD (Nick Glynne) of LD asking for assistance in resolving my dispute – no response to date.

7. 27 Aug 2014 – still chasing on a daily basis to get a refund

All I wanted to do was buy a laptop for my daughter's birthday but got messed about over the last month - and even without a single apology from the company. I was told the "mistakes happen but the company is trying to resolve that matter for you and even shipping the product back free of charge"!! Well that's mighty nice of them, isn't it? ;)


  alanrwood 10:33 27 Aug 2014

A sorry tale of woe. Sorry to hear that. Keep at them.

  spuds 11:09 27 Aug 2014

I notice that this is your first posting on this forum, so I might suspect that you are just passing 'the message about'?.

Laptop Direct seem to have varied feed-backs, some good, some bad, which I suppose on the law of averages, is normal for trader's like this company.

Getting your refund, should be an easy event, but here in the UK, consumer laws allows 30 days, unless recent changes have made the time limit less.

If you paid by credit card or a computer finance agreement, then it might be wise to inform them, because they might have the final liability if things turn out bad?.

  KunwarChadha 21:45 27 Aug 2014

thanks spuds - that might be but this is not an average company from my perspective. don't remember dealing with a company that has issues in pretty much every aspect of their business - from marketing, logistics to customer issues/refunds.

looking at what I've been put through - mis advertised laptop; late delivery; not calling back; need to continuously chase; called three times just to agree what refund amount I was due back - they want to pay me £310 for some reason when I paid £315; no accountability for their mistakes - no apology, even had the cheek to say they were arranging collection of the wrong laptop they sent in the first place, free of charge!

I asked for a refund within 7 days as per EU distance selling regulations. It's now one month and two days today and still no sign of my money.

this is certainly not a way for a company to operate especially online.

I would disagree that Laptops Direct has on-par good/bad feedbacks. A quick google search shows the disparity of opinion towards the negative.

  Gordon Freeman 21:55 27 Aug 2014

"I would disagree that Laptops Direct has on-par good/bad feedbacks. A quick google search shows the disparity of opinion towards the negative."

If this is the case then begs the question why you opted to buy from them in the first place?

caveat emptor and all that...

  KunwarChadha 23:39 27 Aug 2014

agree with you, but hindsight's 20/20 - realised this only after I had purchased - lesson learnt

  rdave13 19:17 28 Aug 2014

KunwarChadha time to visit CAB perhaps?

  Forum Editor 17:39 29 Aug 2014

We don't permit threads or posts which advise other people to boycott a supplier on the basis of a single personal experience. In this case I have edited your title and first post, so the thread can stay open.

Based on what you have said this seems to me to be a clear-cut case of poor order fulfillment. You were sent a laptop that was not as described, and under the terms of current UK consumer legislation you are entitled to a full refund. The onus is on the supplier to collect the item for return, but it is allowed up to 30 days within which to refund your card account. Good suppliers will usually make the refund much sooner than this.

The supplier is at fault, but unfortunately being in the right doesn't always mean that the other party to the contract will meet its obligations in full without delay.

New rules came into force in June of this year, and now you have 14 days from the date of delivery of goods within which you may exercise what's called a 'right to withdraw'. You don't have to provide a reason for this, but you must notify the supplier of your intention. Once you have done that the supplier must refund your money within 14 days of the notification.

  HondaMan 11:00 30 Aug 2014

Assuming that you purchased this by CREDIT card, get on to your CC and request a chargeback explaining why

  Glee69 20:16 30 Oct 2014

I have had an absolute nightmare with this company. Promised specified date of delivery at extra cost of £10 - no delivery. Nor the next day. So I cancelled the order. They said this was fine and would refund the amount. They then delivered the laptop anyway 6 days after the specified date. Several emails and phone calls later, they are now refusing to refund the laptop and accept return because the order was made under a business name. I am now disputing this with my credit company. The customer service has been terrible and I will never go near this company again.

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