laptop/desktop graphics card problem

  jameslkelley 13:09 18 Nov 2003

I am looking to buy a computer either a laptop or slimline desktop/cube from nethighstreet. I am looking to do basic stuff on the laptop - word process etc.etc, but also to play games, watch DVD's etc.etc and want it to last me at least 4 years - by which time i will have finished my degree and i should have a job!
however with the slimline evo you cannot upgrade the graphics card. would that mean buying a laptop is better and is the supplied graphics card (64mb Radeon M9) good enough for everything?
Plus, is sound quality good?

  DieSse 16:29 18 Nov 2003

With a laptop you won't be able to upgrade the graphics either - so from that point of view they're both in the same boat.

Is the supplied graphics good enough for everything - thta's a pretty sweeping requirement - good enough for most things it willl be tho'.

Sound quality from all laptops is dire - when you think about it, with tinny little speakers to fit into a very restricted case, it's inevitable.

Why not just get a standard cased system - then you won't have any of these restrictions - and I bet you can still find room for it.

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