Laptop virgin - help required

  Bill B 10:50 31 Jul 2005

I am new to Laptops so help would be much appreciated.

I am about to buy a new laptop as I occasionally have to take it to work, but not often so weight is no problem. At present I have an old PC (5 years old) with AMD 1.7gHz so probably anything I buy will seem exceptionally faster than at present.

My dilema is do I buy

2.0GHz Intel Pentium-M Processor or AMD Athlon 64 3400

Or does it not really matter.

The specs I am looking at are 1024MB Ram, 100GB HD, Radeon 9700 graphics.

My main use of the PC will be Internet, MS Office, Corel Draw, Corel Photopaint and occasional games such as Doom 3 (not the latest games).

Battery life is not too important as the battery will almost always be on charge.

Which one should I buy? Is there anything I should be thinking about before buying? Is heat a problem for the AMD? Is integrated graphics a no-no? As I do not play games very often would this be a problem? Radeon 9700 graphics card is this OK?

I have seen several I might consider at [url]click here[/url]

Help much appreciated as I am no PC expert

  Sapins 11:48 31 Jul 2005

Their Discovery range look good, especially the 17" wide screen.

Dell do a similar 17" wide screen, Inspiron 9300, a Friend has recently bought one, his first computer which I helped him with the set up etc: I was most impressed and the delivery was excellent, worth a look click here

  Bill B 11:52 31 Jul 2005

the 17" is just too large really, I was hoping to have a 15.4".

But thanks anyway

  Methedrine 12:00 31 Jul 2005

Don't restrict yourself to just one online shop. Have a look at click here as well. They have some very good kit on there.

  Kate B 13:32 31 Jul 2005

Hmm, just do a search on ebuyer in this forum before you decide to buy. They're a bit patchy on the customer service, which would make me think twice about buying from them. I think they're fine when you don't need any kind of after-sales service, with good prices.

  LastChip 14:35 31 Jul 2005

My experience is, they offer a first class service with prices that are rarely beaten.

Where people seem to go wrong, is they don't understand the concept of an automated store. Whilst humans are available at ebuyer, probably 90%+ of everything they do is automated, therefore, you must follow their systems precisely. (Rubbish in; Rubbish out, springs to mind)!

I can honestly say, that once I understood their methods, I have never had a problem and have no hesitation is using them frequently.

The other little "trick" that has been mentioned before elsewhere, is to find a machine you like at PC World (Oh No!), come home and order it on-line, choose the option to pick it up at your local store, and you will save a significant amount of money. For example, this weekend I did just that and saved over £20 on an Epson printer. By the time I would have paid carriage from ebuyer, there was little difference in the price, and I got it within an hour of ordering!

  LastChip 14:46 31 Jul 2005

On checking PC World, only some laptops are marked down via the web. There are however, "web only" available machines, that may be good value (research needed). So ebuyer, Dabs, Novatech etc. may still be a better option.

  ayrmail 16:59 31 Jul 2005

click here
Have just bought from here everything went fine, and the machine is great not sure if the graphics card is up to your spec.
click here

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